We invite you to apply now for our no-cost LifeWorks training course. If you’re approved, the training will give you access to Coaches as well as new career opportunities and specialized training through Career Pathways with our extensive network of Employer Partners. If you’re ready for a change, this is your chance to discover The Way Up.

Qualifications for participation in the LifeWorks class are:

  • H.S. diploma or GED
  • U.S. citizen or “right to work”
  • Stable housing
  • Some work history
  • Ability to read/write English
  • No felonies in past 5 years
  • No current drug/alcohol addictions
  • Willingness to learn

Step 1


Identification Information 

May we (Jobs Partnership) send Text messages to your phone?

Driver Information 

Do you own a car?

Personal Information 

Are you a United States citizen?
If no, can you provide proof of residency?
Do you receive any of the following assistance?

Emergency Contact

Step 2

Referral Information 

Do you have a Case Worker?
Do you currently attend a church?

Step 3

Employment Information

Are you currently working?*
Do you currently have healthcare insurance?

Step 4

Educational Background Information

Are you attending school now?

If you are currently enrolled in any schooling please fill out the information bellow.

Step 5

Criminal Background Information

Please tell us about any previous arrests and convictions. Provide complete information, including classification.

Note: Providing this information will not disqualify you from enrolling in The Jobs Partnership program and will help us to better serve you in the job search process.

Please write NA if not applicable

I have answered all questions truthfully to the best of my knowledge.By submitting, I certify that the information provided on this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the information will be verified and that u*