Board of Directors
Feb 7, 2017

Bishop Sylvester Robinson

Senior Pastor & Chairman Emeritus, Pastor Sylvester Robinson was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 23, 1961. He is the second son of Pastor Thomas J. and Nelsie Mae Robinson. Growing up in church, he exemplified an innate ability for teaching the Word of God in a way all could understand. This ability led him to become the Adult Sunday School instructor at the age of twelve. Feeling the call of God upon his life and not wanting to accept the call, he ran off to the military at the age of 17 (U.S. Navy). In the Navy, he got caught up with the wrong crowd and his life began to spiral downwards, due to his experimentation with drugs and alcohol. Finally in 1990 after eleven years of running and living with reckless abandon, he recommitted himself back to God. In June 1991 he preached his first sermon entitled “I Got Myself Together – Now I Know, Who I Am” from Luke 15. Since that time he has served in a myriad of positions within the church. Each position has been a catapult to him being where he is today as the esteemed Pastor of Love Fellowship Christian Church.

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