Ida’s Story


One of our outstanding Spring 2020 LifeWorks graduates shared her story with us. She persevered and continued to move forward even as the class went virtual and we are so proud of her commitment!

“My story began when I attended a job fair in Orlando. My intentions were not to apply for a job but to find out what and if there is something out there for me. I currently possess two jobs, a full-time and part-time job, but my frustration has been and has been for years that there has got to be something more for me to do in this world. So I attended the seminar that Angela Stromberg lead at the job fair.

That was where my life turned around. Right then I knew that there really is something greater out there for me.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have time off to think about my life, rest, enjoy my friends and family, and focus on what it is I need to focus on. It has always been work, work, and work again.

Throughout the LifeWorks Program, I embraced the schoolwork, the reading, the assignments, and even the homework. I enjoyed the leaders, coaches, and speakers! Learning how to do a Virtual interview was like a Wow for me. Learning how to write a resume was a challenge for sure. If anything positive came out of this Pandemic we all have been enduring…it was me learning Zoom! A double Wow!

One conversation I had with Jessy Correa was another turning point for me. When I shared my interest in the organization called, Rethreaded, which is in Jacksonville that supports victim-survivors of sexual violence, she directed my search to a local agency called Samaritan Village. Continuing my search I fell upon Help Now which is another agency that supports victim-survivors. I immediately searched volunteer opportunities and it looked like a perfect fit for me to get involved, share my talents, and help others in need. This will give me meaning in my life. I immediately took 2 core training classes through Darkness to light to become involved with Stewards of Children and received a Certificate.

Now, I am headed in a direction I was looking for for years. Jobs Partnership enabled me to have the courage to expect better things to come in my life.”

Gladys’ Story- The American Dream

It was 2008 and Gladys Frank had been in the United States for less than a year. She left Haiti looking for a safer, better life for her children but so far, life was very hard. “Everything was difficult,” she remembers. “Transportation was tough. Finding a job seemed impossible. Even communicating with people on the street was challenging because no one could understand me.”

With two children, ages 3 and 4, she was struggling to feed them on an hourly wage of $7.20 per hour. “I remember waking up one morning and realizing that I had nothing to feed the kids for breakfast. I had no idea how I was going to provide for them. It was all just overwhelming. I knew I needed more education if I wanted a higher paying job, but I had no idea where to apply or how I would pay for it.”

Gladys found out about Jobs Partnership through her Head Start Counselor. “I told my counselor that I wanted to go to school, and she gave me the phone number for Jobs Partnership. I didn’t even know what I was signing up for when I called, but by God’s grace, it was just what I needed.”

Gladys convinced her manager to allow her to be off on Tuesday night (and this was no small feat). She showed up the first night and was happy to see enough pizza to feed the whole family. Through her experience with Jobs Partnership, Gladys was introduced to a network of support. “I remember the fourth night of class when they told us that Orange Technical College was coming to tell us about opportunities for additional training. I sat up straight and paid attention. This was why I was here!”

Not only was Gladys able to get a new job with Florida Hospital (now AdventHealth), but Florida Hospital paid for her to attend class five nights per week at Orange Technical College. “I felt rich!” She recalls. “I was paid $8.80 per hour to attend class on the weekdays and I still kept my old job for the weekends. I could pay my rent, pay for the bus, and my children had plenty to eat.”

But Gladys did not stop there. She has continued to improve her skills, take classes, and advance at AdventHealth. Today, she is earning $31.00 per hour. With overtime and bonus pay, she earns over $70,000 per year. She owns a home and a condo. Her two children are excelling in school and planning to attend college with pre-med majors.

“My children have seen me work hard in school and they know it pays off. I tell them that I make more money than many people who put on a suit and go to work every day. I have encouraged them to pursue a career in the medical field.”

Gladys has come so far since those days of struggling to put food on the table. She was always a hard worker. She was always ready to learn. She just needed an organization to come alongside her and give her the opportunities available in this country.

“It is by God’s grace and Jobs Partnership that I am living the American dream!” Gladys raises her arms and smiles as she tells us of her dream come true.

Richard’s Story- Finding His Way Again

After eight years of marriage, Richard Fagan’s divorce left him feeling lost. He was struggling with the loss of his wife and a fallout with his church. Not knowing where to turn, he turned to drugs and alcohol. It felt like everything had fallen apart – his business, his family, and his faith family. He was living at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission when his life hit rock bottom.

“Freddy at the mission told me to check out Jobs Partnership, but I wasn’t sure,” Richard remembers. “I was not even planning to stay in Florida. I did not know anyone here, had no connections, and did not see a future in this place.”

But Freddy was right. Jobs Partnership served as a guide to Richard, helping him through a very difficult time. The leaders at Jobs Partnership quickly realized that Richard had so many skills to offer the marketplace. He was just missing a few important items. First, Richard had never created a resume. He had owned a successful plumbing business in the past and, as a business owner, a resume is not a necessity. But now, as he hoped to find a job, it was critical. Second, Richard did not know anyone in Florida. He was new to the state and he needed connections to make his life work. Finally, Richard’s plumbing license from New York was not accepted in Florida.

“They told me that I may as well throw that old license in the garbage because it was no good here.” Richard recalls.

Through the Jobs Partnership Program, Richard interviewed with AdventHealth. “My coach was the one who encouraged me to apply there,” Richard says. “I saw the word, ‘Maintenance’ in the job description and I wasn’t going to apply, but Lee told me to give it a shot and just see where it might lead.”

What a great piece of advice! Richard was hired as one of four maintenance workers and they quickly realized that his skills as a plumber and even his background in ministry could make a difference in their hospitals. Richard is now thriving at AdventHealth, a place where he has the opportunity to learn, grow, minister to patients, and have a purpose at work. Not only is he succeeding at work, but he spends his day off giving back to the Rescue Mission. He offers his services to them free of charge, helping others who find themselves feeling lost as he did.

Richard has found his way to a great job, a renewed relationship with God, a strong sense of purpose in life. Richard lost his way and Jobs Partnership helped him find it again.

To Our Jobs Partnership Family

As we navigate these unchartered waters, I have found great comfort in one of my favorite Bible promises from Psalm 91:10 – “For he will command his angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways”.

That’s why I am reaching out to update you on how my team at Jobs Partnership is responding to this unprecedented moment in time. First, we have made the bold decision to continue serving the largest class enrollment in JP’s 20-year history. Our top priority is the 195 participants currently enrolled in our LifeWorks training, and we are moving them, along with their volunteer coaches, to a virtual platform starting on March 31, 2020. 

Little did we know that our work over the last two years to produce Instructor videos for all of the LifeWorks topics would position us for a time such as this, allowing us to continue the classes on a virtual platform and prioritize the safety of our participants, volunteers, and staff. We even have a new virtual interview tool, thanks to the generosity of Employment Technologies.

The first step is to help our participants move through the remainder of the LifeWorks class using the new online platform. And with our strong network of partners and our established collaborative processes, we will be directing many of our participants to publicly-funded accelerated skills training that will lead to certification and full-time employment in targeted high demand jobs, even in this current labor market.

With the swelling ranks of unemployed Americans (3 million), Jobs Partnership is needed more than ever to serve and redirect job seekers to new opportunities. That’s why we are also preparing to provide virtual services and resources to those whose employment has been disrupted by COVID-19. We are innovating to stand in the gap for those in need right now.

We are so grateful for all of our Church, Business, and Community Partners that are collaborating with us to lead and serve through this difficult time. Together, we are leveraging our resources for collective impact as we prepare people in our community to deal with the new challenges in life and work.


Marc Stanakis

Pursuing Purpose in Life and Work


Jobs Partnership started in 1999 as part of the Workforce 2020 project at the Orlando Chamber of Commerce. For the last 20 years, JP has prepared more than 2500 people for life and work with Biblical principles and connected them to better job opportunities through our amazing network of partners. Our LifeWorks program is supported by a network of churches, businesses, educational and community resource partners, that are all working together for collective impact in Central Florida.

Click on the video below to see the full story:



New Start in Life for Three LifeWorks Graduates


Learn about the impact of LifeWorks by Jobs Partnership in the lives of 3 graduates, Paul Del Favero, Eric Pace, and Charles Harrington. After preparing them for life and work with Biblical principles, Paul got connected to this amazing job opportunity and as a result of his leadership, US Submergent signed on as a Business Partner and hired Eric and Charles, and is seeking to hire more reliable workers.

Click on the video below to see the full story:


Record-Breaking Year

As we enter our 20th year of service to the Orlando area, we are preparing for a record-breaking year. With 455 applicants, two new sites, 184 students on the first day of LifeWorks, and a growing number of volunteers, this year is bound to be one for the history books.

On Tuesday, February 25th and Thursday, February 27th, students poured into classes at Kilarney Elementary, First Baptist Church of Orlando, Career Source of Central Florida, Washington Shores Church of Christ, ACE PS8 School, Valencia College, and Orange Technical Institute.

As Eric Stites, Pastor of Washington Shores Church of Christ said to his class, “You think you have come here for a job, but God has you here for a purpose.” The journey toward purpose has begun for a new group LifeWorks students, the largest group in our history. We look forward to walking with each student on their individual path toward a brighter future!




New Site in Parramore


Jobs Partnership is proud to announce another new site for LifeWorks training. Starting this year, we will be delivering our free, 12-week, life-changing course at the ACE School in Parramore. The OCPS Academic Center for Excellence opened in 2008 and serves ages Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

We are thankful to the many Jobs Partnership champions who have worked hard to see the dream of a new site become a reality. In partnership with Eric Stites, Pastor at NewCity Church in Parramore, we are working to bring life and work skills to the community through Biblical teaching.

Sarah Bruner is the outstanding Team Lead for the new site and she is ready for her students! With a background in HR (along with a heart of gold and energy for any task), Sarah is the perfect leader for this group. Sarah has been a Jobs Partnership instructor for many years and her students are always inspired by her wisdom and strength.

We appreciate our business partner, Wells Fargo, for making this dream a reality. Through the NeighborhoodLIFT® initiative, Wells Fargo has made a commitment to revitalization efforts in Parramore.

Wells Fargo’s A.J. Adamczack, Home Mortgage market manager for North and Central Florida shares, “We want to assist local nonprofits as they continue their great work of implementing programs that help address housing affordability, workforce development and small business growth in our region.”

Wells Fargo is not only supporting Jobs Partnership through a financial contribution that is changing lives, but they are actively volunteering as well. Local Wells Fargo leaders and employees are serving our students during Mock Interview Night when LifeWorks students will practice interview skills and receive feedback from businessmen and businesswomen in the community.

On Tuesday, February 25th at 6:00 PM, a new class of Jobs Partnership students will begin a journey toward the job they were created for. It is an exciting time in JP History!


New Site Serving Washington Shores and West Lakes


It is with great joy that we move closer to launching a new site for our 12-Week LifeWorks Class! This class is designed to serve the Washington Shores and West Lakes Communities of Orlando. Led by Phil Ellis, a leader at Washington Shores Church of Christ, this group of volunteers is ready to meet their first students.


On Saturday, February 15th, the volunteers and mentors who will be teaching students at Washington Shores spent time in training. They became familiar with our fantastic, new LifeWorks curriculum and spent time in prayer for each student who will walk through the doors of the classroom this month.


Thank you to Darrell Hairston, the Pastor of the Washington Shores Church, for supporting the vision of Jobs Partnership and allowing us to partner with you to transform lives. We are also extremely thankful for Pam Hairston, who has been a powerful supporter of the program.


Since Jobs Partnership has been in high demand in this area, we have had to turn people away in the past. Now, due to the commitment and vision of the residents of this area, we are able to open a new door to serve the Communities of West Lakes and the Area of Washington Shores.


Each Thursday evening, starting on February 27th, thirty students will take steps toward the career they were created for at the Washington Shores Church of Christ. We look forward to great things from this inaugural class!

Meet Our 2020 Intern, Laurie!


We are proud to introduce our first intern of 2020, Laurie Myrtil! Laurie is a recent graduate of the University of Florida and is pursuing a Master’s degree in nonprofit management. Laurie has already infused the team with energy as she works hard and loves to learn about all aspects of the nonprofit world.



Laurie spends time with each of our team members in order to give her an overview of the various aspects of nonprofit management. For example, she attends presentations with Jessy, the Student Experience Coordinator, to see the recruiting side of Jobs Partnership. She spends time with the Director of Operation, Shiloh, to learn what about program evaluation and data analysis. Finally, Laurie meets with Nicole, our Development Officer, to learn more about nurturing donor relationships.


On a daily basis, Laurie works with students, donors, events teams, and even our software implementing gurus! She is getting a well-rounded view of what it’s like to be a part of a thriving nonprofit.


Currently, Jobs Partnership is has two opportunities for Spring 2020 interns. The Jobs Partnership Nonprofit Management Intern will get on the ground training in the following six areas:

Nonprofit Management Assist in Site Coordination
Student Engagement Shadow Student Experience Coordinator in Student Recruitment & Student Care
Data Collection Perform Graduate Follow Up Calls, Data Entry & Analysis
Development Assist Development Officer with Donor Nurture Campaigns
Special Events Assist staff with administration & coordination needs for special events
Program Evaluation Program Evaluation Data Assessment & Recommendations


Qualifications & Competencies:

  • In process of or graduated with BA in field specific to one of the four internship opportunities
  • A passion for social impact
  • A skill set related to specific internship you are applying for
  • A servant leadership mentality
  • A desire to grow in the nonprofit sector
  • A desire to serve underserved communities
  • A hunger to learn
  • A team player
  • Flexibility
  • Embracing of Diversity and Inclusion

To apply to become a Jobs Partnership Intern, send your resume and cover letter to The subject line should read “Intern Applicant”.

In addition, fill out the following application: Intern Application Form

We look forward to hearing from you!