Volunteer Story – Deborah Catalano

Deborah Catalano is a volunteer Coach with The Jobs Partnership. She met Student Quwanda High in the LifeWorks training course, where Deborah had the opportunity to share her skills, knowledge and contacts with her. What Deborah witnessed was an unforgettable transformation that affected them both.

Student Story – William Hunter

After being incarcerated for a period of time, William was released back into society, only to realize his life had fallen apart. Determined to be an example for his children and to get his life back on track, he applied for the LifeWorks course. Through the help of his Coach, learning life-changing skills and getting connected to the right people and resources, Willian not only found his way up in work and life–he got his family back.

Student Story – Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall grew up without direction. He was originally apprehensive about attending the LifeWorks class, but as he kept attending week after week, he realized that staying with it was about so much more than getting a job–it was giving him the opportunity to build a new life.

Career Fair

Get a look at this key part of the LifeWorks process. Held during the 11th week of the course, The Jobs Partnership’s private Career Fair gives LifeWorks Students an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge that the course has given them to interact with Employers.

Employer & Community Partner Story

Our partnerships benefit everyone involved, and they’re also what make The Jobs Partnership so powerful in changing the lives of struggling men and women. Hear from one of our Employers, one of our Community Partners, and a LifeWorks Graduate, all of whom have been blessed through the work of the Jobs Partnership.

Student Story – Sharon Parker

Feeling damaged from sexual abuse during her childhood, Sharon felt like she didn’t have a place to belong or people to trust. Following the advice of her pastor, she made the choice to sign up for the LifeWorks course. Thinking she’d only learn how to write a resume, she was in for a surprise. Listen to Sharon’s incredible story of hope, healing and transformation.

Student Story – Chantel Jean Baptiste

Chantel felt overwhelmed. Between her son with poor health and work, Chantel was never able to attend school to get a good career. A friend told her about LifeWorks, and though she had some reservations, she seized the opportunity to apply for the course. After a life-changing 12 weeks, Chantel received some incredible news at her graduation.

Student Story – Tanisha Jones

Through the people, knowledge and skills she discovered in the LifeWorks course, Tanisha Jones found more than just a job–she found purpose.

Student Story – Allen Baldwin

His father in prison and his mother a struggling drug addict, Allen paints a picture of his difficult childhood and decent into the world of drug dealing. His story of rescue to getting employment, starting his own business, being blessed with a family and a gaining new life through a particular pastor, church family and the people of LifeWorks is nothing short of amazing.

A Jobs Program with a Spiritual Twist

Read the transcript or listen to this segment on The Jobs Partnership that was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition:

“In Orlando, Fla., single moms, recovering drug addicts and others who need help finding jobs are turning to a worker-training program with a spiritual twist. It teaches practical skills, such as resume writing and job-interview tips. But, with the help of a local pastor, participants also get lessons in attitude and character.”

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