Fabian Tamayo – 2006 LifeWorks Graduate


By age 19, Fabian knew that there was no future for him in his native Venezuela. He saw the writing on the wall after several years of change in his country under the leadership of Hugo Chavez.

Coming from a broken family, Fabian always dreamed about a better life and raising a family of his own, but those dreams seemed impossible in a country that was unraveling. Recognizing he had a window of opportunity to pursue freedom, he headed to the United States on a visa to pursue higher education and was overwhelmed by the peace and prosperity he observed.

In 2003, he got married and started the immigration process to become a US citizen. In the years that followed, Fabian started working at any job that he could find while learning to master the English language. Working part-time at a restaurant on Orange Blossom Trail, he happened to overhear two pastors he was serving talking about the LifeWorks training at Jobs Partnership. Their church was hosting an upcoming class and the more he eavesdropped, he finally found the courage to ask them about the program. Fabian had quickly realized that he needed to learn how to navigate in this new country and had recently prayed that God would show him how to do that – this was the answer to his prayer.

Fast forward, the LifeWorks training helped Fabian grow in his faith and also find a full-time job through JP’s network of Employer Partners. Still on that job 12 years later, he and his wife have three children and they bought a new home in Clermont, where they are active in their church. Fabian’s dream has come true!

Sharon Parker – 2007 LifeWorks Graduate


At the tender age of nine, family members began abusing Sharon and robbed her of her youth. At twelve she started drinking to forget, which led to a full-blown alcohol and drug addiction by the age of 21. Along the way, she had her first of four children at sixteen, coupled with a string of unhealthy relationships and frequent visits to drug treatment programs.

Sharon would disappear for weeks at a time, leaving her children under the care of her mom and sister. The low point came while living in a crack house and she asked God to rescue her from this destructive lifestyle. It was soon after that dark moment that a friend invited her to church at Agape Temple, where Pastor Earl Madison encouraged her to enroll in the LifeWorks training at Jobs Partnership. Throughout her years of struggle, amazingly, Sharon was able to find employment, so when her Pastor suggested JP, she thought to herself “what are they going to do, help with my resume? What good is that if I can’t keep the job?”

Sharon started attending the class and during the biblical lesson on Forgiveness, Pastor Outing crumbled up a $20 bill, stomped on it, and asked her if she still wanted that $20. With a resounding yes, he told her that she was just like the $20 bill – she still had value and that she needed to forgive the people that hurt her as a little girl. Freed from the guilt and shame she had carried for years, and with the help of her JP mentors and the career planning in the class, Sharon was able to pursue her passion for helping other women who had similar experiences to her and restore her relationship with her children. “I have to be the change I want for my family and I have to love me if I want to love others.”

After several years of working in health care, Sharon now works at the Jobs Partnership recruiting participants for the LifeWorks training and helping them overcome the barriers that keep them from pursing the life and work they were made for.

How to Turn Your Passion into a Career

According to a Deloitte study on passion at work, only 12 percent of the workforce enjoys what they do for a living. As more and more employees admit to settling for or staying at jobs they dislike simply because it pays the bills, the idea of turning a passion into a career seems like an unattainable fantasy. While it would be nice to love what you do for a living, it can be difficult to manifest or even know where to start. Here are some steps to help you get started in turning your passion into a career.

Find Your Passion

Before quitting your current job to pursue your passion, you must first determine what your passion is. Start by making a list of:

  • Things you love doing
  • Things you are good at doing
  • Things you get excited or enthusiastic about
  • Companies, products, or services you enjoy

Research Your Passion

Go online or visit your local library to research in-demand professions and job trends. Doing so may enlighten you to potential career options that you never knew existed. Once you have narrowed your options down to a few career avenues that relate to your passions, research what job qualifications or certifications those employment opportunities require.

Test Your Passion

To ensure your passion of choice can successfully translate into a career, you may first need to give it a test drive. Cross-reference your newly discovered career for any current job openings in your area. You may have to start by volunteering, interning, or scheduling part-time employment around your current job. If you can make it work and see yourself excelling both personally and professionally in a position that you’re passionate about, then perhaps you’re ready to take a leap of faith and change careers.

Work for Your Passion

The popular quote, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” is a little misleading. Sure, turning your passion into a career that generates sustainable income may be a more fulfilling option than working your life away for someone else. But, make no mistake, to achieve your goal you will have to put in a lot of work. If you’re feeling stuck or unfulfilled at your current job and desire a rewarding, passionate career, Jobs Partnership can help you work toward a solution.

Get Help Pursuing Your Passion

Often the key to getting unstuck is letting others show you the way out. Our LifeWorks training program allows you to work with a team of coaches and mentors who can help guide you through the process of discovering the job you were made for. If you’d like to learn about some of the most in-demand career fields that may align with your passion, please call Jobs Partnership today at 407-641-0755.

Intangible Benefits That Make a Job Rewarding

When searching for jobs, many people disqualify opportunities based upon the job responsibilities required or benefit packages offered by the position. In doing so, they may be overlooking the multitude of intangible benefits that each job opening may offer. Intangible benefits are those that turn work into a healthy, fun, and rewarding experience. Here are a few examples of intangible job benefits that you should look for when hunting for a job.

Examples of intangible benefits include:

  • Autonomy – An autonomous workplace is a micromanagement-free work environment that is based on trust. Workplace autonomy encourages productivity, creativity, and passion by allowing employees to manage their own workflow or giving them the option to telecommute by working remotely from home or at a coffee shop.
  • Employee Recognition – Having your hard work recognized through an Employee of the Month program can mean the world to a struggling worker. Not only does it provide them with a sense of pride and possibly a pay increase, but it also validates their abilities, self-worth, and value to the company.
  • Healthy Work Culture – Employees are an investment. A calm, wellness-focused work environment reassures employees that their physical and mental health is important to their employers. Look for companies that offer wellness classes or an in-house gym.
  • Advancement Opportunities – Employees want to work for a company they can grow with. After all, a job with no opportunity for advancement is not a career. Look for jobs that offer upward mobility through promotions, bonuses, and incentives, and promote long-term goals, a growth mindset, and the ability to master new skills.
  • Work-Life Balance – Schedule flexibility allows employees the opportunity to budget their time and productivity speed at work so that they don’t miss out on important events in their personal life.

These intangible benefits can mean the difference between having just another job and having a job that you love. If you are unsatisfied with your current job and are searching for more fulfilling and rewarding work, Jobs Partnership can help.

Get the Benefits You Deserve

Our goal at Jobs Partnership is to help people discover the career they were made for through our free and innovative 12-week LifeWorks training program. Our coaches and volunteers will get you on a path toward personal and professional success by enhancing your resume, improving your interview skills, and connecting you to the right people, resources, and employers. Call us at 407-641-0755 or apply here to get started.

Ways to Start a Successful Business

The freedom that comes with being your own boss is a dream of many. However, starting your own business is no easy task. In fact, there are many cautionary tales of over-ambitious entrepreneurs whose start-ups crashed-and-burned because they were not built on a solid foundation for success. To achieve your dream, you must follow these steps for starting a successful business.

Innovate Your Idea

A strong business idea does not guarantee success. Determine what sets you apart from the competition and how your idea adds value to the marketplace. The key isn’t to invent something new, but to make something simpler, better, or more convenient. Pay attention to what is trending and try to improve a service or product that already exists.

Make Your Sacrifice

Starting your own business requires a lot of time, sacrifice, and sweat equity. To be successful, you must first be willing to work hard and pay your dues at another company. There you can develop your skills, gain experience, and learn how to build a sustainable business while saving capital for your future venture. You must also live modestly to fund your business. This means limiting spending and sacrificing vacations, fancy dinners, and other big purchases.

Assemble Your Team

In order to increase your business’ odds of success, it’s important for you to assemble a team of skilled employees who share your vision for your company. Each member of your team must also embrace the other keys for success by sacrificing their time and working hard to accomplish team goals.

Build Your Network

Dedicate time each month to networking with other professionals in your field. A strong network of like-minded associates and fellow entrepreneurs can help you make wise business decisions and play a crucial role in expanding your business and opening up doors to increase revenue.

Sell Your Idea

To get your business up and running, you will most likely require funding. You must be able to convincingly sell your business idea to potential investors. Practice your sales pitch until you are comfortable delivering it to one executive or a room full of investors.

Discover Your Path

Jobs Partnership can help get you on a path to turning your passion into a career that allows you to be your own boss, create your own schedule, and work with positive people. Our LifeWorks program uses various Central Florida community connections to help people discover the career they were meant for. If you’re ready to begin your journey to a career, give us a call at 407-641-0755.

Team-Building Activities for Your Next Corporate Event

The thought of socializing with co-workers outside of the office might not appeal to most employees. Therefore, it’s imperative that employers get creative when planning a successful team-building event. Here are some fun activities to consider or your next corporate event that will help break the ice, inspire group participation, and maybe earn a few laughs.

Trampoline Park – While more commonly associated with children’s birthday parties, a trampoline park can be a great place to hold a company event. After all, bouncing around a room full of trampolines is a great way for employees to relive some built-up work-week stress. Most trampoline parks also offer competitive dodgeball tournaments which help to hone soft skills such as decisiveness and ducking.

Escape Rooms – Gathering your employees together and trapping them in tighter-than-normal quarters may sound like the stuff of nightmares, and yet, escape rooms have become a popular option for team-building events. As they say, “teamwork makes the dream work” — especially if that shared dream is escaping a locked room with your boss.

Painting Class – A night of painting will allow your employees to tap into their creative side. Plus, most painting classes serve wine.

Cooking Class – The success of cooking competition reality shows prove that people love food and food-related challenges. A timed cook-off is a great way for teams to learn how to work together under pressure by baking something from scratch, and then eating their creation. The results can be both hilarious and delicious.

Karaoke Night – A high-energy night of singing is a great way for co-workers to bond and let off steam as they sing along to their favorite songs. Plus, almost every office has an employee with an impressive hidden talent just waiting to be unleashed, so perhaps the best option is to just let your staff provide the entertainment themselves.

Contests and Competitions – A little friendly competition in the form of a scavenger hunt, round of office trivia, or board game tournament can really liven up your corporate event. Offering gift cards or intangible benefits as door prizes will also go a long way toward motivating employee participation.

Volunteering – While participatory activities and games are a fun way to get your employees to interact, providing your employees the opportunity to give back to their community is a much more fulfilling, rewarding, and important use of their time. Registering your team to volunteer at a local food pantry or shelter is a great way for them to exercise their communicative and interpersonal skills and learn valuable soft skills like empathy.

At Jobs Partnership, we are always in search of experienced workers to help volunteer their time and skills in our LifeWorks training program. Our free and innovative program utilizes volunteer coaches to help guide underemployed members of our community toward the career they were made for. Help your employees by helping others. To schedule your next team-building event with Jobs Partnership, call us at 407-641-0755.

Westgate Foundation Supports Community

Jobs Partnership is thankful for the support of David Siegel and Mara Frazier at Westgate Resorts Foundation as they advance their mission of  Strong Families Strong Workforce. In this past year, Westgate gave away $1.1 million just in Central Florida to many organizations doing great things to lift up our community! Jobs Partnership was awarded a Collaborative grant to work with Valencia College and additional support of LifeWorks training classes to help economically trapped men and women discover a better path for life and work.

CareerSource and Jobs Partnership – A Natural Evolution

When Pam Nabors, President and CEO of CareerSource, came on board with the workforce agency in 2012, she quickly realized that Jobs Partnership and CareerSource were serving the same people in some of the same spaces. They were seeing individuals looking for their first job who needed life skills, so they would refer to JP’s LifeWorks training. JP had graduates who had overcome barriers and were now more prepared for employment, so they were connected to CareerSource.

As CareerSource defined their niche customers – those struggling to get by and lacking skills and a support system – and Jobs Partnership was targeting men and women who needed life support and coaching to overcome some barriers, the natural evolution occurred. JP could provide CareerSource with a talent pipeline to help reach their goals of bringing people to prosperity and talent to the business community.

CareerSource committed to going deeper and this past Fall provided professional career development staff within each LifeWorks training class, immersing students into the CareerSource system immediately. They also leveraged JP partnerships with Valencia College and Orange Technical College to provide support for education leading to certification. JP Program Director Beverly Henry-Brown says of CareerSource, “the partnership has strengthened the possibilities and probabilities for our students in pursuing viable careers through targeted job training and placement.”

The Blessing of Being A Coach and Mentor

People do not come into LifeWorks training thinking they will connect deeply and form bonds based on trust and that this will drive their path to a better life and job. They come because they are stuck and want to find a job, but they graduate feeling empowered and full of hope. The “secret sauce” is the coach/mentor relationship.

Flynn Ettienne has coached six training classes and says that it keeps him grounded. He learned faith from one of his students who had moved to Orlando after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and was striving to feed his family, one day at a time. He said his students this Fall were eager and appreciated what they learned along the way.

Stacie Crawley, a first time coach this session, loved being on the journey with her students. She helped them grow by working on things like making eye contact and writing a resume, but it was seeing them grow closer to Christ that made the difference. Her students were all single moms who bonded and encouraged each other and she says that the relationships were the key to their progress.

Another veteran coach of eight years, Jay Rohr, shared, “students start, some without a sense of direction, and most without someone to mentor them.  As coaches we listen a lot, call on our hard earned job experiences and lead them through the JP material. At graduation, they walk tall and proud with a new purpose and new tools to pursue a career.  And as coaches, we are just as proud.”

Denise Ferro found JP through her pastor and has recruited others to volunteer too. She felt it was her role to provide daily encouragement, give positive feedback and guidance while assisting with homework and assignments. But ultimately, she experienced them grow closer to God as they overcame barriers and learned to trust in God’s plan. She was impressed with this class because they connected as a team and supported each other, promising to never quit, and instead to utilize the tools presented to find their path.

Interested in encouraging others through the LifeWorks training?
Be a volunteer!

Fall 2018 Graduation – Celebrating A Life Changing Encounter

“When you have the right encounter, it can cause God to do in a moment what you’ve been struggling with for a lifetime,” was the message from Bishop Sylvester Robinson, Chairman Emeritus of Jobs Partnership and Pastor of Love Fellowship Christian Church, to all of the Fall graduates on Nov. 19 in the First Pres Orlando sanctuary. LifeWorks by Jobs Partnership provided that one encounter that was a catalyst for transformation for many of the graduates.

Few have experienced a celebration of perseverance and accomplishment like the LifeWorks graduation ceremony! Some of the students being recognized have never attended a graduation and have not been acknowledged or honored, ever. 77 men and women marched – 84% of the ones who began the LifeWorks training 12 weeks ago. The class requires attention and engagement, while also pulling people out of their comfort zone. Volunteer instructors present the comprehensive curriculum and volunteer coaches get into the messy parts of lives and encourage their students at every step, providing advice, support and accountability.

61% of participants had perfect attendance, with barriers every step of the  way. Four were recognized as STAR Students, having gone far above the norm to seek help, connect with resources and strive for success. Four additional students were presented with cars donated by 1-800 Charity Cars to help them overcome a transportation barrier.

Students show up Week 1 wondering how they will get through 12 weekly 3-hour classes and wind up Week 12 wishing it would never end. They have been vulnerable and shared their lives with others who only had one goal, to encourage. They could not have anticipated how their lives would shift so drastically in just 12 weeks!