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Feb 21, 2020

New Site in Parramore

  Jobs Partnership is proud to announce another new site for LifeWorks training. Starting this year, we will be delivering … Continue reading “New Site in Parramore”

Feb 18, 2020

New Site Serving Washington Shores and West Lakes

  It is with great joy that we move closer to launching a new site for our 12-Week LifeWorks Class! … Continue reading “New Site Serving Washington Shores and West Lakes”

Apr 3, 2019

Paul Del Favero – 2011 LifeWorks Graduate

  Paul grew up in South Florida when crack cocaine made its debut in the 1980’s. Years earlier, his father … Continue reading “Paul Del Favero – 2011 LifeWorks Graduate”

Apr 3, 2019

Fabian Tamayo – 2006 LifeWorks Graduate

  By age 19, Fabian knew that there was no future for him in his native Venezuela. He saw the … Continue reading “Fabian Tamayo – 2006 LifeWorks Graduate”

Apr 3, 2019

Sharon Parker – 2007 LifeWorks Graduate

  At the tender age of nine, family members began abusing Sharon and robbed her of her youth. At twelve … Continue reading “Sharon Parker – 2007 LifeWorks Graduate”

Aug 7, 2018

“It Was the Best of Times…It Was the Worst of Times…”

That famous opening quote from Charles Dicken’s Tale of Two Cities could well have been written today. I recently attended … Continue reading ““It Was the Best of Times…It Was the Worst of Times…””

Aug 7, 2018

Introducing Nicole Millard – JP Development Officer

Nicole joined The Jobs Partnership team with a clear understanding of our mission in action. She has volunteered in every … Continue reading “Introducing Nicole Millard – JP Development Officer”

Jan 19, 2018

44% of Working Florida Families Struggling to Survive

Of Florida’s 7.5 million households, 14.5 percent lived in poverty in 2015 and another 29.5 percent were ALICE. Combined, 44 … Continue reading “44% of Working Florida Families Struggling to Survive”

Jan 15, 2018

JP + Valencia’s Take Stock in Children

Last year, the Westgate Resorts Foundation solicited requests for collaboration grant proposals from their existing grantees. The idea behind a … Continue reading “JP + Valencia’s Take Stock in Children”

Jan 15, 2018

Partner Highlight: Suited for Success

Can you imagine going on a job interview and not feeling good about the way you are presenting yourself to … Continue reading “Partner Highlight: Suited for Success”

Nov 9, 2017

The Impact Is Having on the Construction Industry

With an estimated shortage of 1 million skilled construction tradesman in Florida alone, iBuild Central Florida is enhancing the workforce … Continue reading “The Impact Is Having on the Construction Industry”

Dec 27, 2016

LifeWorks Inspiration

A Message from Pastor Robinson In Genesis 37 verse 9, the “a” clause says, “And he dreamed yet another dream”. … Continue reading “LifeWorks Inspiration”