The Jobs Partnership (JP) has developed an innovative career readiness initiative, LifeWorks, designed to enhance the employability of the chronically underemployed, and help them discover a path to the job they were made for. Through our unique partnership with GOSHRM, members can invest their time and talents in developing a sustainable entry-level workforce in Central Florida by serving as classroom instructors and interview coaches for the participants enrolled in the LifeWorks program.

According to the latest ALICE report from the United Way, 45% of working families in Florida cannot afford the basic necessities for survival. Through JP’s LifeWorks training, the underemployed, unemployed, and underutilized can enhance their employability by developing their soft skills and creating a career plan with the help of dedicated volunteers from the business community. JP’s educational partners and development resources provide next steps for qualified candidates, such as pursuing short-term vocational training to earn a credential that leads to a full-time career opportunity.

Spring 2020 Important Dates:
– Volunteer Practice Interviews: April 28 & 30 (6-9pm)
– Career Fair: May 13 (6-8pm)
– Graduation: May 27 (6-9pm)