We were made to serve together

As a part of our 20 Year Anniversary, we are introducing the opportunity for our friends to become JP Ambassadors. This is a group of people who believe in our mission and are willing to join us regularly to make a difference in Central Florida. We invite you to become a JP Ambassador in your community!


As an important part of the Jobs Partnership Family, JP Ambassadors will get invitations to special events, networking opportunities, and volunteer days. Get involved and get together!

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Make a commitment to give at least $20 per month in order to join the team! Our JP Ambassadors believe in the mission and have made a decision to financially support our on a regular basis.

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JP Ambassadors are willing to introduce their friends to Jobs Partnership. From inviting them to events to sharing our news on social media, JP Ambassadors tell the good news of Jobs Partnership is doing.

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What's Next?

Once you become a JP Ambassador by setting up a recurring monthly donation, one of our Jobs Partnership Team Members will reach out to you with details of our Welcome Celebration for JP Ambassadors!  During this celebration event, you will have the opportunity to meet other JP Ambassadors. In addition, you will receive formal training on the many ways you can expand the mission of Jobs Partnership using your unique gifts and connections.

Invite Friends

Thank you for choosing to partner with us to make a difference in Central Florida. Let’s invite others to be a part of our mission! Click the link below to find a list of upcoming events. Add these events to your calendar and invite friends who might be interested in learning more about our mission. Thank you for sharing the good news of Jobs Partnership in your community! We look forward to seeing you and your friends at our upcoming events.