Meet Jonathan Harrison, Jobs Partnership’s tech extraordinaire! In his first two years with JP, Jonathan was the mastermind who introduced the LearnUpon learning management system to JP, making LifeWorks content accessible at the click of a button. He moonlighted as JP’s Salesforce superhero, ensuring our customer relationship management system was in tip-top shape. But Jonathan’s not just about the past. As technology manager, he’s all about tech optimization and the future.

With a bachelor’s degree in digital media from the University of Florida and postbaccalaureate expertise in instructional technology, Jonathan has the knowledge and skills to make JP’s technology dreams come true. He’s been engaged with digital media and technology in educational settings for nearly 15 years, and trust us, he’s got some serious moves. Oh, and guess what? He’s a Certified Scrum Master! Yep, he’s led teams through tech adventures using Agile project management like a true champ.

When he’s not busy making the tech world a better place, Jonathan’s all about good vibes, jamming on his guitar, pedaling on his trusty bike and curating the ultimate vinyl record collection. He’s not just our tech manager; he’s our tech-rockstar with a side of vinyl-loving awesomeness!

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