Unlock a better job and a better life.

76% of Participants
get a new job within 90 days of completing training.

Are you at a career crossroads and need help? At Jobs Partnership more than three thousand lives have been changed since 1999. If you are unemployed, under-employed or simply unable to make ends meet, we can help you break down roadblocks to employment and prepare you for a life-changing career.

Twelve weeks of training becomes a lifetime of success.

Get ahead in life and work when you join our free LifeWorks training program. Meeting once a week for just 12 weeks, you will set your career direction, establish a career plan and develop the skills you need to thrive at work and life.

Being a mentor in the classes was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

— Mike Zizmer, LifeWorks Coach & Financial Partner

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The structure, curriculum, and support provided by Jobs Partnership allows each church to use their unique strengths to flourish as agents of change. No matter the makeup or size, any church can bring value to this family of churches, businesses and community resources for the benefit of our community.

— Elizabeth Cronlund, Church Partner Representative and Community Development Coordinator at Summit Church

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Many of our directors, managers, and supervisors have volunteered their time to lead classes, mentor Participants, review resumes, conduct mock interviews, and assist participants in finding employment.

— Dorathy Nevitt, Former Director of Human Resources, Orlando World Center Marriott

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During the Lifeworks Course I learned about my God-given abilities, how to interview, and so much more. I even got hired by one of my Employer Partners within the first few weeks. I am now a Health Unit Coordinator with the goal of continuing my training to be a registered nurse.

— Jasmine, LifeWorks graduate

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The coaches at JP believed in me and helped me get into my dream career.

— David, LifeWorks graduate

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Help change lives with Jobs Partnership.

Church, business or individual with a passion for serving others, your resources, skills and know-how can make a huge difference in our participants’ lives. Become a part of our inspiring network of partners, helping give others the tools they need to step into a better career and life.

Jobs Partnership delivers a life-changing core skills training to unlock a better job and a better life for the men and women we serve. We believe a Biblically based approach to work sparks a catalyst for personal change that moves individuals, families, and communities forward.

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