Why Jobs Partnership?

Because 46% of Central Florida households struggle to make ends meet. Let’s change that.

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Our career support helps individuals and communities get ahead.

When we work together with our partners to upskill men and women, we open up a world of change — not just in their lives, but in the lives of our community for generations to come.

Our Mission

Preparing people for life and work through biblical principles.

Hope through Faith

We live in a broken world and life’s challenges can often sideline us from pursuing more than our current circumstances. Hope for the future comes through learning about God’s goodness and His principles that are woven into each of our LifeWorks classes — and everything we do.

Purpose through Serving Others

Putting the needs of others before our own flips the script in our modern culture. Our volunteer coaches invest time, building the lives of our Participants while they learn about servant leadership in the workplace with Jesus as our model.

Opportunity through Partnership

The Zip Code where you live may have limited your circle of helpful relationships. Access to new and better opportunities come through awareness of, and introductions to, our network of dedicated partners. It’s all about who you know.

Empowerment through Training

The skill gap in the marketplace is creating one of the biggest challenges. LifeWorks training upskills our participants in soft skills and career planning needed to secure better paying jobs with career opportunities.

The Jobs Partnership Story

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In 1999, amidst Florida’s booming economy, the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce grappled with the challenge employers faced with recruiting and retaining entry-level workers. Drawing inspiration from a success model in Raleigh, North Carolina, a collaborative team of community, church, and business leaders launched the LifeWorks training program at Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church. This partnership with local churches provided soft-skills training and career planning, resulting in full-time job placements.

Fast forward 24+ years, Jobs Partnership has transformed the lives of over 3000 individuals by offering LifeWorks training twice a year at multiple locations throughout Central Florida. The mission remains vital and relevant. Given the persistent need and a strong network of partners, Jobs Partnership is poised to address the problem and foster generational change in our community.

What makes Jobs Partnership different?

We work with local churches, businesses, and community partners for collective impact. This unique collaboration gives career seekers the tools they need to unlock a better job and a better life. Our innovative training program equips people with life and work skills while weaving in God’s goodness and principles into each lesson.

Being a mentor in the classes was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

— Mike Zizmer, LifeWorks Coach & Financial Partner

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The structure, curriculum, and support provided by Jobs Partnership allows each church to use their unique strengths to flourish as agents of change. No matter the makeup or size, any church can bring value to this family of churches, businesses and community resources for the benefit of our community.

— Elizabeth Cronlund, Church Partner Representative and Community Development Coordinator at Summit Church

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Many of our directors, managers, and supervisors have volunteered their time to lead classes, mentor Participants, review resumes, conduct mock interviews, and assist participants in finding employment.

— Dorathy Nevitt, Former Director of Human Resources, Orlando World Center Marriott

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During the Lifeworks Course I learned about my God-given abilities, how to interview, and so much more. I even got hired by one of my Employer Partners within the first few weeks. I am now a Health Unit Coordinator with the goal of continuing my training to be a registered nurse.

— Jasmine, LifeWorks graduate

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The coaches at JP believed in me and helped me get into my dream career.

— David, LifeWorks graduate

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Help give Central Floridians the support they need to rise up into a better life.

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