Our valuable Partners are the key to the success of our mission.

We were all made for this.

The need for partnerships with others is at the very core of who we are as people. And it’s what The Jobs Partnership is all about. Our Partners are the reason why we are making an impact not only among the working poor whom we serve, but among the very people and organizations that are co-laboring with us. Learn more about our Partnerships, and consider becoming one. After all, serving together is what we were made for.


Churches can engage their membership and train up leaders as they collaborate with a diverse group of Church Partners to answer the Biblical call to help the poor.


Volunteers work together as a team to support the LifeWorks classes, provide mentorship to Students, and even work on signature events and one-time projects.


Employers can recruit and hire qualified Graduates, participate in our exclusive Job Fairs, offer specialized training and provide volunteer Coaches and Instructors.

Community Organizations

Community organizations, educational institutions and government agencies can refer Students to LifeWorks Training and also provide valuable resources and vocational training to our Students and Graduates.

Financial Partners

Financial Partners include individuals, businesses and churches like you, who give generously to make it all possible. We call them our Transformation Team, because they transforming whole communities.

Michael Zizmer, Volunteer Coach & Financial Partner

Member of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando

“Being a mentor in the classes was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. It’s awesome to watch people get out of debt, take care of their families and create a career for themselves. Watching the transformation in the way they feel about themselves is a testimony to the way God feels about us.”

Dorathy Nevitt Director of Human Resources, Orlando World Center Marriott

“Several Graduates of the LifeWorks course have become brilliant hosts at our resort and at other properties throughout the market. Many of our directors, managers, and supervisors have volunteered their time to lead classes, mentor Students, review resumes, conduct mock interviews, and assist Students in finding employment. ”

Darrell F. Carpenter, Jr. Rugby Commercial Cleaning, LLC

“We’ve had tremendous success in hiring LifeWorks Graduates. It is very clear that they have a greater understanding of how their role and responsibilities impact the overall health of a company. These men and women are creating value for our organization.”