Since 1999, Jobs Partnership has been preparing men and women for life and work with biblical principles. We are in the business of helping people thrive. Dignity, respect, and equality are at the core of what we do and how we serve. Through our LifeWorks program, we are upskilling participants in life and work skills so they can unlock a better job and a better life:

Hope through Faith – we live in a broken world and life’s challenges can often sideline us from pursuing more than our current circumstances. Hope for the future comes through learning about God’s goodness and His principles that are woven into each of our LifeWorks classes…and everything we do.

Opportunity through Partnership – the zip code where you live may have limited your circle of helpful relationships. Access to new and better opportunities comes through awareness of and introductions to our network of dedicated partners…It’s all about who you know.

Purpose through Serving Others – putting the needs of others before our own flips the script in our modern culture. Our volunteer coaches invest time building into the lives of our participants while they learn about servant leadership in the workplace…Jesus is our model.

Empowerment through Training – the skills gap in the marketplace is creating one of the biggest challenges for employer recruiting and retention. The LifeWorks training upskills our participants in soft skills and career planning and gives them access to the technical skills needed to secure better paying jobs with career opportunities…that’s how you close the skills gap.