Your Church was made for this

The church was created to be a place where transformation takes place, both inside the Body and out in the community. What if there was a proven way to equip the church to transform both the lives of our neighbors, many of whom are low-wage earners, and everyone who serves them? What if serving them is about more than meeting their needs—what if it’s about God’s people becoming engaged with each other and those in the community to discover His purpose and provision? The Jobs Partnership invites you to join our diverse network of Church Partners who are working together to engage, train and mobilize people to upskill men and women from underserved communities through a work-focused, biblically-based training process. And we’re not just transforming lives–we’re setting a new course for future generations. This is what the church was made for.

Become a Church Partner

Jasmine Jones, LifeWorks Graduate & Health Unit Coordinator

“I was a young single mom without a job. During the LifeWorks course I learned about my God-given abilities, how to interview and so much more. I even got hired by one of the Employer Partners within the first few weeks. Toward the end of the course, the Jobs Partnership team presented me with the opportunity to earn a certificate in the field of healthcare. Meanwhile, the team was working behind the scenes with a leading hospital to line up a full-time position for me. I am now a Health Unit Coordinator with the goal of continuing my training to be a registered nurse!”

Michael Zizmer, Volunteer Coach & Financial Partner

Member of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando

“Being a mentor in the classes was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. It’s awesome to watch people get out of debt, take care of their families and create a career for themselves. Watching the transformation in the way they feel about themselves is a testimony to the way God feels about us.”

Elizabeth Cronlund, Church Partner Representative

Community Development Coordinator, Summit Church

“The relationship between Summit and The Jobs Partnership has created many opportunities for our congregation to engage in meaningful ministry that tangibly helps our neighbors. The structure, curriculum and support provided by Jobs Partnership allows each church to use their unique strengths to flourish as agents of change. No matter the makeup or size, any church can bring value to this family of churches, businesses and community resources for the benefit of our community.” 

Dorathy Nevitt, Employer Partner & Jobs Partnership Board Member

Member of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

“Several Graduates of the LifeWorks course have become brilliant hosts at our resort and at other properties throughout the market. Many of our directors, managers, and supervisors have volunteered their time to lead classes, mentor Students, review resumes, conduct mock interviews, and assist Students in finding employment.” 

Almost Giving Up.


Nearly half of all households in our community are struggling on a daily basis to provide food, rent, childcare and transportation for themselves and their families. They are working in low-wage part-time jobs and missing out on opportnity. Many of these families are in our churches, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods. And though we are called to love them and help them, the issues are complex–and often the church’s resources are limited.

2018 ALICE Report

“ALICE is an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employer”

Lean More

Unemployment in florida

The Way Up.


The Jobs Partnership has developed a unique and proven solution built on the Biblical truth that all people are created and designed by God to work, to be fruitful and to have purpose in their lives. We provide the framework for churches to mobilize their congregations to serve others through an an innovative, no-cost training course for low-wage earners called LifeWorks. This biblically-based, work-focused training course is the beginning of a series of life-changing opportunities. Participants are paired with a volunteer Coach and have access to a network of community resources and employers through special events designed to invite them into new opportunities. Through the LifeWorks essential skills and career planning training process, Participants are guided into new opportunities for full-time jobs with benefits or paid accelerated skills training that results in a credential and job placement in targeted high-growth industries.

The Way Up Process


The Jobs Partnership, Community Resources and Churches recruit Students using our marketing materials.


Students can apply year-round via our online application at


Students attend our training course provided by The Jobs Partnership in collaboration with Churches and Volunteer Teams.


Students attend a Resource Fair provided by The Jobs Partnership in collaboration with Community Resources and Volunteer Teams.


Students attend an exclusive Career Fair provided by The Jobs Partnership in collaboration with Employer Partners, Educational Resources and Volunteer Teams.


The Jobs Partnership team, Churches and Volunteers assist Graduates in determining their next steps through our Career Pathways process.


Students graduate the course and attend Graduation with their families and all of our Partners and Volunteers.


“My life works.” Graduates become unstoppable on a new path to career and life success, with more opportunities than ever on The Way Up.

C=Churches V=Volunteers S=Students/Participants E=Employers CR=Community Resources

LifeWorks Training

LifeWorks Training

What It Is

LifeWorks is a training course developed by The Jobs Partnership for low-wage earners and job seekers who are stalled in their jobs, their lives, or both. This 36-hour training process meets one evening per week for 12 weeks, and is offered twice per year at regional Training Sites around Central Florida. In their first class, each Participant is paired with a volunteer Coach, who serves as their mentor and advocate throughout the course. Classes begin with prayer and a meal together, where relationships between Participants and Coaches develop over casual conversation. Pastors, community leaders and seasoned professionals teach the relevant curriculum covering both practical and spiritual matters of life and work. Throughout the course, Participants are presented with numerous opportunities to engage with our Community Partners, Employer Partners and Church Partners through personal connections, beneficial resources and exclusive events.

How It Works

We provide everything needed for our Church Partners to promote, plan and run a LifeWorks Training course with the ongoing guidance and support of our team at The Jobs Partnership. In other words, the course is a ministry of local churches working together, using the structure, resources and tools provided by The Jobs Partnership. Most Church Partners choose to collaborate together in providing the class at an agreed-upon Training Site. Each Church Partner can choose to play the role or roles that best suit their capabilities and strengths.


Jobs Partnership Role

  • Mobilize the resources and relationships to support LifeWorks training
  • Provide LifeWorks Training model (i.e. curriculum, operations, instructors)
  • Provide consulting and support to Training Sites
  • Provide all marketing materials
  • Provide and develop Partnerships (i.e. employers, agencies, education)

Church Partner Role

  • Mobilize congregation to serve and collaborate with other churches to operate LifeWorks Training site
  • Select and recommend Volunteers
  • Recruit qualified LifeWorks applicants
  • Engage employers in the church
  • Leverage ministry resources
  • Financial commitment

Course Curriculum

LifeWorks Training is like a boot-camp for life and work, with volunteer Coaches and practical, Biblical teaching by seasoned instructors that transforms the head and heart. The proven curriculum focuses on essential skills for “Life” and “Work”, including a career assessment and evaluation process, with topics from a Christian worldview in a clearly defined 3-tiered process:

The Foundation tier gives Participants a perspective of God’s view of the world and them, so they can understand their purpose in life and work.

The Moving Forward tier teaches Participants how to align their lives according to the truth–understanding authority, taking responsibility, interview strategies and much more.

The Way Up tier provides tools and principles to foster success on the job and in life, including how to use their gifts and talents for God’s glory.

Benefits of Church Partnership

Becoming a Church Partner enables your church to truly fulfill its call not just to serve but to grow, in partnership with others. We provide the framework for our Church Partners to run this course as a ministry of the local church, because it’s within a community of believers that true and lasting change happens. Imagine becoming part of a city-wide initiative that’s uniting churches to:

  • Address community needs through relevant ministry
  • Provide help to struggling families in your church
  • Mobilize your people to serve others in their communities
  • Combine professionals’ faith and work to serve
  • Train and equip your future leaders
  • Collaborate within a proven framework
  • Build cross-denominational church relationships
  • Network with a rich diversity of churches and people
  • Discover community resources for your members
  • Grow your church by engaging with participants
  • Impact whole families and communities
  • Extend your exposure and reach in the community

Join our network of 50+ Church Partners across Central Florida who, together, are mobilizing their people to transform the lives of struggling individuals and families in our community.

Dr. Sylvestor Robinson, Senior Pastor, Love Fellowship Christian Church

Pastor Sylvester Robinson, Senior Pastor

Love Fellowship Christian Church

“This partnership enables the Church to help people not just achieve gainful employment, but completely change how they view themselves. And once they learn the principles, they become tithing members, they become givers, not only in the church but in the community. When your church gets involved it will bless you, as you are blessing people.”

Dr. David Swanson, Senior Pastor & Head of Staff

First Presbyterian Church of Orlando

“The Jobs Partnership enables our business leaders in the church to connect their faith and giftings at work to serve the needs of people in the community. It’s impacting our church members when they see real change in the Students and their families–in who they are, and the way they think about their lives. And it’s given us an opportunity to create a culture that reflects the true kingdom of God.”

David Swanson, Senior Pastor & Head of Staff First Presbyterian Church of Orlando

Become a Church Partner

Church Partner Resources

The following downloadable resources are here for your church to further explore and share The Jobs Partnership with your church leaders, employers, potential volunteers and potential students. Under Church Partner Materials, you’ll find tools needed to present what we offer to churches and their members. Under LifeWorks Promotional Materials, you’ll find the tools for recruiting struggling men and women both in your church and in your community. Printed versions of these materials may be ordered through The Jobs Partnership. To discuss these tools, a possible Partnership and/or request an order of printed materials, please contact Marc Stanakis, President at 407-641-0755 x104.

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