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Given the skills mismatch in the current labor market, every business is challenged to find new sources of talent that possess the essential skills to thrive in the work environment, coupled with the technical skills to perform in their role. You may also be looking for ways that your company can give back to the community. What if there was a resource that provided both–a working relationship where everyone benefits? The Jobs Partnership invites you to join our growing network of Employers that are partnering with LifeWorks, an innovative, proven training course for job seekers in underserved communities. It’s a unique opportunity for companies of all sizes to address a business need while serving the community by upskilling job seekers with essential skills for success in life and work.

Get Involved

Dorathy Nevitt Director of Human Resources, Orlando World Center Marriott

“Several Graduates of the LifeWorks course have become brilliant hosts at our resort and at other properties throughout the market. [Many of] our directors, managers, and supervisors have volunteered their time to lead classes, mentor Students, review resumes, conduct mock interviews, and assist Students in finding employment. ”

Darrell F. Carpenter, Jr. Rugby Commercial Cleaning, LLC

“We’ve had tremendous success in hiring LifeWorks Graduates. It is very clear that they have a greater understanding of how their role and responsibilities impacts the overall health of a company. These men and women are creating value for our organization.”


Employers across our nation are encountering recruiting and retention challenges, and Florida is no exception. Perhaps you’ve experienced these potential barriers in finding and keeping talent:*

1. workforce shortage

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment is projected to increase by 6.5% between 2014-2024, at a time when massive numbers of Baby Boomers are retiring. This is creating an enormous and growing worker shortage, which presents a recruiting challenge for all employers, especially those in high growth sectors like healthcare, logistics, and advanced manufacturing, where many of the jobs require a certification or credential for a specific skill that is in demand.

2. Lack of critical soft-skills

A study conducted by the American Society for Training and Development identified a lack of communication and interpersonal skills as common skills gaps among current and prospective employees. This “essential skills” gap becomes glaringly evident when employers review candidates for required traits such as adaptability/flexibility, critical thinking/problem solving skills, professionalism/work ethic and teamwork/collaboration skills.

3. lack of technical or specialized skills

According to the Manpower Talent Survey, 51% of U.S. employers reported difficulty in filling job openings, citing a shortage of applicants, lack of experience, and a lack of technical skills. The perception that family-sustaining employment is not available may discourage some workers from investing time, energy and limited financial resources in education, training, and apprenticeships.

*Source: United Way Research on Education Income and Health

A Partnership That’s Transforming Communities

The Jobs Partnership is non-profit organization that collaborates with Churches, Community Resources, Educational Resources and Employers like you to upskill low-wage earners and job seekers to build a stronger workforce. Together we help men and women overcome barriers to employment, address essential workplace skills, attitudes and behaviors, so they can take advantage of better job opportunities. This reduces employee turnover and provides a solution to the growing skills mismatch in the labor market.

As an Employer, you may recruit directly from our pool of LifeWorks Graduates. But as many of our Employers find, the real rewards come with their participation in the LifeWorks course as volunteer Instructors and Coaches. We can also work with you to design customized training solutions to address worker shortages in your industry. And of course, many of our Employers are also Financial Supporters.

Jobs Partnership Transforming Lives

Employer Partner Roles

You can post jobs as an Employer Partner, you can fulfill your company’s goals by playing one or more of the following roles:

1. Recruiting

As a Recruiting Employer, you can post jobs on our online job portal to get access to Graduates of our 12-week LifeWorks Training Course. You can also represent your company at our private Career Fair to recruit motivated and qualified candidates to fill open positions at your company.

Online Job Portal

2. Volunteering

Your company can give back to the community by encouraging team members to volunteer. You’ll reap valuable rewards for your company as your Volunteers grow in leadership and interpersonal skills. Volunteers can serve at the LifeWorks Training in one-time roles as Instructors or Interview Coaches, or for the 12-week duration as Coaches. Some of our Volunteers are so fulfilled by seeing lives changed, they choose to return again and again.

Become a Volunteer

3. Training

You need credentialed workers to fill open positions at your company. Through our network of partners, you can provide your own on-the-job training to qualified LifeWorks hires or hire them once they have been trained by one of our Educational Partners. You can also sponsor specialized training opportunities for qualified LifeWorks Graduates through our exclusive Educational Partnerships.


Many of our Employers become Financial Partners by investing in the work of The Jobs Partnership. Together with our Partners we are investing in changed lives, giving hope to men and women from underserved communities, and altering the trajectory of future generations.

Does your company have a foundation? If our work aligns with your company’s giving philosophy, we welcome your company’s tax-deductible gift.

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Become part of our Transformation Team, our committed Financial Partners who pledge ongoing financial support.

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If your company is participating in the United Way Workplace giving campaign, your team members can designate their contribution to The Jobs Partnership of Florida by writing in our Heart of Florida United Way agency code (3334059) and the funds will be used to support LifeWorks Training.


Our Employers can enjoy opportunities to sponsor communications that promote the work we are doing in the Florida community. For example, your company can sponsor the creation of an Employer Story video that tells the story of your partnership with us as well as a Student’s life that was transformed. Or you may partner to sponsor a Jobs Partnership Public Relations campaign, where your company can be featured as a key partner.


There are so many benefits to partnering with The Jobs Partnership as an Employer Partner:

  • Career Fairs: access to a vetted pool of candidates at no charge
  • Orlando Job Connection: post jobs and search for candidates at no charge
  • Feedback on candidates including assessment results and recommendations
  • Practical and relevant volunteer opportunities for your team members
  • Access to sponsored customized training for Graduates you hire
  • Public relations partnership opportunities
  • Build our workforce and transform lives through the power of employment

Join Our Network Of Employers

Our extensive and growing network of employers span a number of industries, including the Apartment Industry, Auto Service, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing and more. Thousands have graduated from LifeWorks, and many have gone on to work for Employers such as:

Jobs Partnership Employer Partners
Jobs Partnership Employer Partners
Jobs Partnership Employer Partners
Jobs Partnership Employer Partners
Jobs Partnership Employer Partners

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