Become Unstoppable–With the Help of Others.

LifeWorks by Jobs Partnership is an intensive, free training and development solution for people who are under- or unemployed. Participants are equipped with both life and work skills that employers are looking for. If you’re seeking a better career path, learn about this unique program.

LifeWorks is The Way Up.

Much more than an employability class, LifeWorks is like career boot camp—with a team of friendly Coaches. It’s based on the belief that all people are created and designed by God with particular strengths and abilities for success in work and life. And the key to that success is when others show you the way–a different, better way. For example, do you think you need a college degree to get into a good career? During LifeWorks training you’ll learn about specialized training you didn’t know existed, for some of the hottest, most in-demand career fields. You’ll get connected to people and resources that can help you discover where you could thrive, to get you on the right path. The Way Up is different than you think–and LifeWorks is the first step.

How It Works

LifeWorks Training was developed by The Jobs Partnership, a non-profit organization, and is led by qualified and trained instructors, community leaders and pastors. The course is valued at $2,000–yet it’s offered completely free to qualified Participants, thanks to our generous Financial Partners. It meets one evening per week for 12 weeks in locations around Central Florida, and includes access to Coaches who help guide and encourage you throughout the course. Attending the course is just the beginning. You’ll attend exclusive events such as our Career Fair with our Employer Partners, Resource Fair with our Educational and Community Resources, and more. And you’ll have opportunities to meet and interview with our Employer Partners as well as access job postings as a preferred Participant on our Orlando Jobs Connection website. As you complete the course, you’ll be personally guided through our Career Pathways process to determine your next best step. You may also qualify for specialized training for a high-demand career, or you can apply for career opportunities with our extensive network of Employers. All of this and more is here for you, providing a bridge not just to a new career, but a new life.

Course valued at $2000 per student yet it's offered completely free



Participants attend our training course provided by The Jobs Partnership in collaboration with Churches and Volunteer Teams.



The Jobs Partnership team, Churches and Volunteers assist Graduates in determining their next steps through our Career Pathways process.



“My life works.” Graduates become unstoppable on a new path to career and life success, with more opportunities than ever on The Way Up.

Success Stories


LifeWorks Class Location Options

Tuesday Classes (Starting August 22, 2023):

  • Sanford (110 West 1st Street, Sanford Fl, 32771), 6-9 pm

Thursday Classes (Starting August 26, 2023):

  • Reeves Center (1100 N. Fern Creek Ave, Orlando, FL 32803), 6-9 pm
  • Washington Shores Church of Christ (2018 Orange Center Blvd, Orlando, FL 32805)


What are the qualifications for becoming a LifeWorks Student?

Qualifications for participation in the LifeWorks class are:

  • H.S. diploma or GED
  • U.S. citizen or “right to work”
  • Stable housing
  • Ability to read/write English
  • No felonies in past 5 years
  • No current drug/alcohol addictions
  • Willingness to learn
What kinds of things will I learn and experience in LifeWorks?
  1. Mentor relationship with a volunteer Coach
  2. Professional skills and abilities assessment
  3. Comprehensive career plan
  4. Financial management tools
  5. Communication and relationship skills
  6. How to pursue a career path opportunity
  7. Career search strategies
  8. How to prepare for an interview
  9. How to create a professional resume
  10. Receive an interview outfit
  11. Private Resource Fair with Community and Educational Partners
  12. Private Career Fair with Employer Partners
  13. Private interview days with Employer Partners
  14. Access to specialized training and careers
  15. Access to current online job openings with network of employers
  16. Free online career search tools
  17. Access to alumni support network
How much is the course?

LifeWorks Training is free for Participants, as they are sponsored by our generous business, church and individual supporters. The majority of the expenses related to the course are covered by our church partners.

When and where do the classes meet?

The 3-hour classes meet on either Tuesday or Thursday for 12 weeks. Specific locations usually involve neighborhood centers, churches and local businesses.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend the course?

No, but we want you to know that our entire organization is based on Biblical principles and the majority of our instructors for the Life portion of the class are pastors serving with our church partners.

If I go through the training, will you guarantee me a job at the end?

No. We are not a placement agency, though our Participants do attend a private Career Fair where they have exclusive access to our Employer Partners, enjoy interview coaching and private Interview Days, receive personalized guidance through our Career Pathways process, and can qualify for specialized training for a particular career path with an Employer Partner. Individuals who successfully complete LifeWorks are also eligible for lifelong-use of our online job bank.

Do you provide money or scholarships for me to go back to school?

We do not pay for people to go back to school to further their education. However, through various Community and Educational Partners, you may be eligible, based on your household income, to receive a training voucher to cover industry-specific, specialized career training.

Is there an age requirement to attend the class?

You must be 18 years of age with no work experience, some part-time or full-time work experience.

Already a Participant?

We encourage you to take full advantage of our exclusive resources, which are available to you now and even after you graduate.