Participant Resources

As a LifeWorks Participant, you have access to a whole new world of opportunities beyond the classroom. You’ll attend special events, learn about valuable community and educational resources and meet our ever-growing network of Partners who provide social, financial and vocational services. All of this is designed to take you to a new level in your work and your life. Are you ready?

1. Career Pathways

Did you think that in order to have a career you had to have a college degree? Many of our Participants thought that having a good career was simply out of reach, but they didn’t realize that there are other paths they can take. Career Pathways is a process that’s a part of LifeWorks training, where you’ll discover and learn about careers and specialized training you didn’t know existed. For example, getting a 4-year degree is one way to become a registered nurse, but it’s not the only way. You can earn a specialized certificate and get work experience to begin the path to becoming a nurse. During the Career Pathways process, you’ll receive personal help in figuring out what your next best step is towards your ultimate career goal.

2. Private Resource Fair

Our Resource Fair is an opportunity for current LifeWorks Participants to meet our network of community partners that offer a wide range of valuable resources and services. In a room full of display tables and dozens of knowledgeable representatives, you’ll meet our partners and learn about valuable services that will ultimately help you in both your personal life and work situation. Our Resource Partners can assist you with affordable housing, child care services, computer training, health care needs, credit counseling, interview attire and much more, to help you overcome the challenges that are keeping you from pursuing a career.

3. Private Career Fair

Unlike impersonal job fairs where lines snake around the building, our Career Fair is a private event for current LifeWorks Participants who get a chance to meet face-to-face with our network of Employer and Educational Partners. Our Educational Partners provide specialized short-term training and job placement upon completion in some of the hottest careers in Central Florida. You will also meet representatives from companies like Marriott Hotels, Florida Hospital, Enterprise Holdings, Jr. Davis Construction, Regal Boats, Valencia College, Orange Technical College and many more!

4. Dress for Success & Suited for Success

LifeWorks Participants benefit in a personal, practical way from the services of Dress for Success and Suited for Success. Dress for Success is a national non-profit organization who provides free clothing to women to prepare them for job interviews. Likewise, Suited for Success is a ministry of Jobs Partnership and Orlando Cleaners that focuses exclusively on business attire for men. Together, they are helping Participants overcome a common barrier to employment, and restoring confidence as they prepare for job interviews.

5. Personal Financial Management

Another practical and extremely beneficial resource for Participants is financial training that’s given during the Lifeworks course. This training is offered through a partnership with Clearpoint, a non-profit credit counseling and education organization that helps people resolve financial challenges and build economic security for themselves and their families. LifeWorks Participants receive specialized instruction in the benefits of basic household finance and budgeting, researching and maintaining a good credit history, and managing a bank account.

6. Orlando Job Connection

Orlando Job Connection is a career resource website that was developed by The Jobs Partnership for LifeWorks Participants and Graduates. It has new job listings posted daily by our large network of Employers across multiple industries, a prayer request message board, hiring events calendar, daily career tip, and more. LifeWorks Graduates that register as a Job Seeker on the site are specially marked for Employers.

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7. Vocational, Educational & Community Resources

If you are already in the  LifeWorks program, you may visit our Graduates section to learn more about the exclusive opportunities and resources available to our Participants and Graduates. Resources include Vocational Partners, Housing, Healthcare Services, Financial Services, Social Services, Continuing Education, Legal Services, and Family, Childcare & Youth Services. Participants and Graduates also enjoy lifelong membership on the Orlando Job Connection career website.

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Find A Church

We all need to be around others who can teach us, pray for us, encourage us, and just be there for us. This is what the church was made for–it’s a key part of finding The Way Up. The right church can become like your second family, helping you to discover your purpose in the midst of community.