Nov 21, 2019

20th Anniversary Kick-off

In 1999, the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce was looking into the future with an initiative called Workforce 2020. The project brought the business and faith communities together to solve a problem – the anticipated exodus of Baby Boomers from the workforce beginning in 2020. Marc Stanakis and Pastor Sylvester Robinson were introduced, and along with several others, launched a pilot program to provide training to up-skill people for the workforce. The success of the pilot resulted in the nonprofit called Jobs Partnership!

20 years later, thousands of volunteers, many churches, businesses, community partners and donors have helped 2,500 people graduate from Lifeworks training and pursue a job that matches their strengths and provides opportunities for career and wage growth.

On October 16th, many of the people who have grown with Job Partnership – volunteers, graduates and other champions – gathered at The Balcony in downtown Orlando to celebrate, reminisce and look ahead. One of the highlights of the evening was a corporate prayer time for the city of Orlando. As attendees divided East, West, North and South on the balcony overlooking the city, pastors blanketed all areas in prayer. The focus was the many men and women who have yet to discover Jobs Partnership and the life changing tools that it provides to change lives, families and generations. It was a night of joy!

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