6 Ways Bosses Drive Away Great Employees

6 Ways Bosses Drive Away Great Employees  

Often, when employees quit a company, it’s not because they hate the work they do, it’s because they can’t stand their boss. When it comes to the workplace, managers can make it enjoyable or unpleasant.

Whether it’s by what they say or the things they do, here are six ways bosses cause great employees to quit:

They’re unsupportive – Employees want to feel like their managers have their backs in different situations, whether it’s supporting your ideas or standing up for you against something that’s morally wrong. But, unfortunately, some managers feel employees are easily replaceable and feel little obligation to back them unless it benefits them.

They discredit – Bosses who are insecure will attempt to undermine your self-esteem. They may go as far as to harm your career. A toxic boss that wants you to fail will throw you under the bus, steal your ideas, belittle you, outcast you, criticize you, and prevent you from growing as an employee.

They compete with staff – Instead of appreciating talented employees and using their strengths to better the business, toxic managers do their best to outshine them. This is because they see their subordinates as a threat. When mistakes happen, they’ll make sure you’re front and center to take the blame, but when things are going well, they’ll quickly take all the credit.

They’re dishonest – Whether they lie to boost their numbers, or take too much personal time when they should be working, a boss who lies always puts their staff in a bad predicament. What’s worse, is that so many bosses get away with things that are morally wrong because employees are afraid of losing their jobs if they speak up.

They don’t communicate – Just like with any relationship, communication is critical. Employees want to feel they can talk to their managers, whether it’s to get advice or to receive feedback. Good managers will encourage communication, while bad managers will avoid it.

They micro-manage – Having someone constantly looking over your shoulder while telling you the “correct” way to do something will drive you insane. While some employees may need more direction then others, not everyone needs to be managed in the same way.

Though pay and benefits are important factors in any job, so is respecting the person you work for. In some organizations, managers who behave poorly are corrected with regular coaching and training. But, unfortunately, in some jobs, leaders may get away with things they shouldn’t be allowed to. And, while you need a job, you should never have to subject yourself to an unhealthy work environment.

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