7 Key Tips to Maintaining a Job

7 Key Tips to Maintaining a JobIt’s good to be able to get a job, but even more important to keep one. Employers look at your work history when you apply for new jobs, and they like to see stability. An employer wants to know if they spend the money to hire and train you, they won’t have to worry about you leaving the company right away.

Follow these 7 tips to not only maintaining a job but also excelling in it:

  1. Be on time. Not only does your lateness hurt your co-workers by giving them extra work, but it also hurts the business. Supervisors make schedules based on their company’s budget, and when you continually show up late or call out, it negatively affects the business flow.
  1. Work hard. Everyone has their days where they slack off more than others, but it’s important to make sure you give your employer the time they’re paying you for. When a personal situation comes up, and you need to ask for some time off to handle it, your employer is more likely to help you out because they know you work hard for them.
  2. Be a team player. If your boss asks you to do something outside of your regular job duties, don’t complain about it. They will remember your attitude and your actions when it comes time to give you a raise or consider you for a job promotion.
  3. Be flexible. If you’re asked to pick up extra shifts, come in early or stay late, work weekends or overtime, try and be flexible and volunteer as long as your schedule allows you to.
  1. Be positive and don’t complain. Whether it’s listening to a child or an adult, no one likes to hear others complain. Don’t get sucked into other people’s drama at work. Stay neutral and remember you’re there to work. If you don’t want your job, there are plenty of people out there that do. It can be challenging to find a new job, so be thankful you have one.
  1. Offer to help. One way to get ahead in any business is taking the initiative on your own and proposing to help. If you see a co-worker or supervisor struggling with a task or behind on work, offer to lend a hand. Doing things on your own that will benefit the business demonstrates responsibility and leadership skills.
  1. Look for opportunities. Whether it’s to learn something new, ask questions, get involved, or letting your company know you’re willing to help out, showing enthusiasm to be counted on when needed will always get you noticed. Don’t be scared to ask for feedback so that you can grow and improve yourself.

Even if you’re current job isn’t your dream job, do your best to make the most of it while you’re there. Going above and beyond not only adds value to the company you work for, but will also fill you with pride as a result of your accomplishments.


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