Building Your Personal Brand

Building your personal brandJust as branding on a business level is important (think McDonald’s golden arches, Nike’s swoosh, or Target’s red bullseye), so is the brand you build around yourself. Personal branding used to be as simple as having a business card you could distribute when meeting new people. But with the advancement of social media and the ability to quickly and easily have an online presence, personal branding has become so much more.

Why Have a Personal Brand?

Creating a personal brand that’s recognizable by others allows people to remember you, which can lead to increased professional opportunities including a better job, more quality contacts and clients, and industry recognition.

Determining Your Personal Brand

To begin defining your personal brand, think of the impression you want to give. Your personal brand should be a reflection of yourself and your career goals.

It’s important to remember that personal branding isn’t about selling, but about being available to your peers. Maintain active personal accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn so that others will see you as both professional and personable.

Keep in mind, your personal branding shouldn’t be limited to just the internet. When you interact with people throughout your day, you want to keep a positive and professional appearance that is consistent with your brand. And, because no one will know what your skills are, or what you can offer a company unless you show them, always find ways to showcase your talents and strengths whenever possible. Keep business cards on hand to help build relationships with potential customers and other professionals. The card serves as both a reminder of who you are and provides contact information should they want to reach out regarding potential business ventures in the future.

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