May 8, 2019

Employment Technologies Equips Participants with #1 Ranked Tool


When it comes to preparing for their future careers, LifeWorks participants have a big advantage – Employment Technologies and virtual simulation testing. The company’s award-winning Virtual Customer Simulation helps students gain an awareness of their skill strengths and empowers them for career success.

According to Joseph Sefcik, president and founder of the company, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management ranks simulation as the #1 tool to accurately predict future job performance because it focuses on specific job competencies versus general traits. Employers have been saying for years that their biggest concern in potential employees is not a lack of basic job skills, but rather, a lack of soft skills like problem solving, communication and decision making.

Using high-end graphics and a compelling storyline, Virtual Customer Simulation immerses LifeWorks participants in a series of realistic workplace situations. The simulation assesses three skill areas – problem solving, interpersonal effectiveness and conscientiousness, providing feedback to leverage students’ strengths. Joseph calls the simulation a ‘disruptive model’ because it focuses on objective competencies that can be enhanced, rather than relying on self-ratings based on personality traits that tend to remain static.

Angela Stromberg, JP Partner Liaison, says that Virtual Customer Simulation has universal application to all jobs across all industries. This is one of the reasons it has been so successful for participants. Built into the 12-week LifeWorks training curriculum, the simulation results are reviewed in class, giving a greater awareness of skill strength. A Career Prescription is also part of the package, outlining specific learning activities that allow students to practice and improve behaviors to help them in future careers.

Jobs Partnership is also excited about the latest tool that was rolled out this session – EASyView virtual interview practice. Students can use their smartphones to record a job interview and get real time feedback. This can be shared with their volunteer coaches who will provide feedback and help.

Joseph Sefcik is an entrepreneur with a passion for workforce development. Thirty years ago, equipped with a Master’s in Industrial Psychology and a focus on employee selection and evaluation, he began his research into workforce skills. With a desire to see students successfully transition into career fields, Joseph believed there was a better model than the existing standard. He sought one that would provide information people could use to better themselves and chart a better path. The result was the creation of the #1 ranked employment assessment tool and other virtual products that are used by Fortune 500 and smaller companies located throughout North America and internationally.

Employment Technologies has been a valued partner with Lifeworks by Jobs Partnership for eight years. This generous partnership equips LifeWorks participants with the industry’s latest technology for improving their skills, enhancing their confidence, and expanding their career opportunities.

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