Nov 27, 2018

Fall 2018 Graduation – Celebrating A Life Changing Encounter

“When you have the right encounter, it can cause God to do in a moment what you’ve been struggling with for a lifetime,” was the message from Bishop Sylvester Robinson, Chairman Emeritus of Jobs Partnership and Pastor of Love Fellowship Christian Church, to all of the Fall graduates on Nov. 19 in the First Pres Orlando sanctuary. LifeWorks by Jobs Partnership provided that one encounter that was a catalyst for transformation for many of the graduates.

Few have experienced a celebration of perseverance and accomplishment like the LifeWorks graduation ceremony! Some of the students being recognized have never attended a graduation and have not been acknowledged or honored, ever. 77 men and women marched – 84% of the ones who began the LifeWorks training 12 weeks ago. The class requires attention and engagement, while also pulling people out of their comfort zone. Volunteer instructors present the comprehensive curriculum and volunteer coaches get into the messy parts of lives and encourage their students at every step, providing advice, support and accountability.

61% of participants had perfect attendance, with barriers every step of the  way. Four were recognized as STAR Students, having gone far above the norm to seek help, connect with resources and strive for success. Four additional students were presented with cars donated by 1-800 Charity Cars to help them overcome a transportation barrier.

Students show up Week 1 wondering how they will get through 12 weekly 3-hour classes and wind up Week 12 wishing it would never end. They have been vulnerable and shared their lives with others who only had one goal, to encourage. They could not have anticipated how their lives would shift so drastically in just 12 weeks!

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