How to Earn Respect from Your Employees

A lot of leaders assume that they will get respect from their staff based on their position within the company. However, many employees need to feel like their boss will roll up his or her sleeves and work beside them when the time comes. This means, most people will not give their respect unless they feel it is truly earned. And those who do respect you because of your authority will do it with minimum effort. To help you obtain success as a leader, here are some ways you can earn genuine respect from your employees.

Set the standard by exhibiting a strong work ethic – Great leaders are hard workers who prove to their employees that actions speak louder than words. By being both reliable and trustworthy, your employees will see you as a positive role model and are more likely to keep up with your work ethic.

Acknowledge wrongdoing – When bad situations occur, a respected leader will be out on the frontline instead of hiding behind their staff members expecting them always to take care of the mess. They will also take the opportunity to learn from the mistakes that were made to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.

Engage your employees – Give your staff the tools they need to complete their jobs successfully. Take the time to acknowledge when they do well, making sure to reward their wins. You want your staff to take pride in what they do and enjoy the company they work for. By taking care of your employees, they will feel more inclined to dedicate themselves to helping you and the organization expand and be more successful.

Keep an open door policy – It’s essential for employees to feel like they can go to their boss with any concerns they may have. So, do your best to make sure you are available to them as much as possible. This can be through a weekly one-on-one or by being accessible by phone or email if you are always out of the office.

Be authentic – Even CEO’s of prestigious companies can make those around them feel like they matter regardless of their rank. That’s because respected leaders, while results driven, are still passionate and understand that without a team to help them, they would not be able to carry the company on their own.

Consider whether you want respect because of your position or because you feel you have earned it. If you recognize that there is more you can do as a leader, begin working on making the necessary changes, and your employees will recognize and appreciate your efforts.

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