How to Handle Being Passed Over for a Promotion

Being passed over for a promotion hurts, especially when you feel like you were the best person for the job. You may feel angry, confused, or frustrated, and it’s even possible you’ve thought of looking for a new place to work. But, the reality is most everyone has been overlooked for a job they felt they deserved. The good news is that you can still survive the experience, and become an even better employee because of it. Here are some steps you can take to help you overcome the rejection:

Give yourself a chance to cool off – Although you may be thinking negatively about the whole situation, take some time out to collect yourself before you lash out or act unprofessionally. Go to happy hour with some friends, vent to family members, and then go back into the work with a clear mind and a new outlook.

Turn a negative experience into a learning opportunityAsk your boss directly why you didn’t get the promotion. Use the feedback you’re given to improve on the skills you were lacking. Gaining insight straight from the source will keep you from playing “what if” scenarios in your head and prevent you from overanalyzing how someone else got the job over you.

Think about what’s next – If you can see why your manager made the decision he or she did, then use their advice to improve yourself and prepare for the next promotion opportunity. But, if you feel like the feedback you received doesn’t add up, or you’re being exploited or taken advantage of, then it may be best to begin thinking about your next career move.

Although promotions should be given fairly to the hardest working, most talented employees, it doesn’t always happen that way. Many times, people receive promotions because of who they know. And, while you can’t control the decisions other people make, you can choose to continue working hard and being an excellent employee. Eventually, you’ll land the job that’s right for you.

If you’re continually being passed over for a promotion, or are contemplating the field you’re in isn’t right for you, maybe it’s time to take the steps towards a new career. The LifeWorks training program was designed to help individuals who are underemployed, unemployed, or feeling stuck at their job discover the path to the career they were made for. Learn more about our no-cost life-changing training course by calling 407-641-0755.

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