Ida’s Story


One of our outstanding Spring 2020 LifeWorks graduates shared her story with us. She persevered and continued to move forward even as the class went virtual and we are so proud of her commitment!

“My story began when I attended a job fair in Orlando. My intentions were not to apply for a job but to find out what and if there is something out there for me. I currently possess two jobs, a full-time and part-time job, but my frustration has been and has been for years that there has got to be something more for me to do in this world. So I attended the seminar that Angela Stromberg lead at the job fair.

That was where my life turned around. Right then I knew that there really is something greater out there for me.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have time off to think about my life, rest, enjoy my friends and family, and focus on what it is I need to focus on. It has always been work, work, and work again.

Throughout the LifeWorks Program, I embraced the schoolwork, the reading, the assignments, and even the homework. I enjoyed the leaders, coaches, and speakers! Learning how to do a Virtual interview was like a Wow for me. Learning how to write a resume was a challenge for sure. If anything positive came out of this Pandemic we all have been enduring…it was me learning Zoom! A double Wow!

One conversation I had with Jessy Correa was another turning point for me. When I shared my interest in the organization called, Rethreaded, which is in Jacksonville that supports victim-survivors of sexual violence, she directed my search to a local agency called Samaritan Village. Continuing my search I fell upon Help Now which is another agency that supports victim-survivors. I immediately searched volunteer opportunities and it looked like a perfect fit for me to get involved, share my talents, and help others in need. This will give me meaning in my life. I immediately took 2 core training classes through Darkness to light to become involved with Stewards of Children and received a Certificate.

Now, I am headed in a direction I was looking for for years. Jobs Partnership enabled me to have the courage to expect better things to come in my life.”

Business Church Community Volunteer