Identifying Soft Skills and Their Importance

Whereas hard skills are teachable and certifiable skills related to a specific profession like plumbing, nursing, or computer programming, soft skills, however, relate to the ways you socially interact with others and how you conduct yourself professionally. Also known as social skills, soft skills are natural people skills connected to your personality that can’t necessarily be taught, but they can be practiced. Here are the different types of soft skills and why they are incredibly valuable for success in the workplace.

Soft skill sets are divided into different areas that include interpersonal, professional, and leadership skills.

Interpersonal Skills

Great interpersonal soft skills start with a good attitude and the ability to build relationships with others. Those relationships can be strengthened with empathetic listening and perceptive communication skills. Interpersonal soft skills are often fostered in the workforce through team-building exercises, networking, company events, and inter-departmental collaboration.

Professional Skills

There are several soft skills that help to demonstrate your work ethic and professionalism. Organization is important in displaying the ability to compartmentalize tasks. Stress management and patience are key soft skills needed for overcoming challenges. Being on time for work shows self-motivation, respect, and discipline. Therefore, time management is another very desirable soft skill in the workplace.

Leadership Skills

Employers promote those who can connect with and encourage others to not only be more productive but work with a smile on their face. Great leaders have the natural ability to decisively solve problems, resolve conflict, and manage projects. Practicing these qualities will help you become an effective leader and advance you professionally.

Highlighting your soft skills on your resume helps promote you as a well-rounded, valued employee. For help strengthening your soft skills, apply for our LifeWorks training program. As a part of LifeWorks, you will be connected to the people and resources that can help you gain the specific strengths and abilities needed to be successful in work and life. To get started, apply online or call The Jobs Partnership at 407-641-0755.

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