Javier’s Story

To learn more about LifeWorks by Jobs Partnership and apply for the program, please visit https://www.jobspartnership.org/lifeworks/apply/

“Jobs Partnership is a mighty instrument and vessel of hope for all those who enter into the love and care of this family because it’s so much more than an organization.”

Javier, 26 years old, newly married and living in Orlando for less than a year after relocating from Newark, N.J. was struggling to find a full-time job. He was also struggling with deeper issues like manhood because he had grown up fatherless and  his life’s purpose as he was battling with depression and crippling anxiety, not knowing where his life was headed.

One day, he was scrolling through Indeed for jobs and came across a resources link and that’s where he found the Jobs Partnership website. “As I browsed the site I thought to myself this is too good to be true – a program that develops life skills, work skills, develops Christian character, and bridges the gap of employment for those in need and all of that FREE of charge.” So, he applied for the LifeWorks training program. He was uncertain and frustrated about being an adult and having to admit that he needed help to figure out life. He finished the intensive 12-week program, completing life and career assessments, homework, reading material, mock interviews and much more. He discovered skills and passion and the importance of glorifying God through work. At the LifeWorks graduation ceremony, Javier received a Star Student award and gave a speech (after being asked to fill in for a singer who had cancelled). The speech changed the course of his life!

During the LifeWorks training, he had gained some skills and confidence and was promoted from a part-time entry level store associate at Walgreens to a full-time certified pharmacy technician in the corporate office. But, it did not end there. Sitting in the audience at graduation was the owner of a software company who was so impressed with Javier’s graduation speech and attitude that he reached out to hire him. Javier is now working full time with full benefits at a higher wage and a career path with a successful company, just one month after graduating from the LifeWorks program.

To prospective students, Javier says, “Most of us come to Jobs Partnership for a job, education, or opportunity to advance. When we leave, we leave with so much more. We leave with a restored vision and hope for a new start at life.”

To potential supporters, he has a message, “When you invest into Jobs Partnership, you’re investing into the future of our families, communities, society, and culture at large not just by introducing new employees to our workforce but rather by introducing holistic men and women into the fabric of our everyday lives. When you consider giving, think about how a 12-week program can have an impact on a family 12 years from now when a graduate is better able to provide for their family and the world around them. Your generosity may change the course of an individual’s life just as mine was changed by someone willing to invest in Jobs Partnership.”

To learn more about LifeWorks by Jobs Partnership and apply for the program, please visit https://www.jobspartnership.org/lifeworks/apply/

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