Jobs Partnership
Nov 20, 2020

Laid off to a life changing job offer


Last semester was the highest enrollment in Jobs Partnership’s 20-year history of people looking to upskill their lives and find new opportunities! Heather was one of those students who fully embraced the idea of a fresh start in life and work. Through our partnership with Valencia, Heather discovered the Electronic Board Assembly program. An artist by nature with a natural ability to put pieces together, Heather jumped into this new opportunity supported by some much-needed encouragement from her mentor coach.

Facing a tough personal situation, God led Heather to a job fair where she was introduced to Jobs Partnership and not knowing what to expect, she signed up for LifeWorks training. COVID hit in March, but Jobs Partnership offered real and viable career paths forward into high demand recession proof jobs. We are proud to tell you that Heather graduated from LifeWorks training and enrolled in Valencia’s Accelerated Skills Training, graduated as Valedictorian of her class and received multiple offers of full-time employment even before she graduated!

This is a powerful story of Gods provision for Heather. She went from being stuck and overwhelmed in February to graduating the 12-week LifeWorks training in May, the 10-week Electronic Board Assembly class in September and landing a full-time offer with one of Orlando’s top employers Lockheed Martin in October. Yes, this all happened in the midst of a pandemic!

We celebrate Heather’s success and others like her as we continue to prepare people for life and work with Biblical principles.


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