JP Graduate Serves as JP Ambassador

Fall 2019 graduate Eglin Ayson was not the ‘typical’ LifeWorks participant and that’s what inspired him to continue to participate in the JP mission. He wanted to be involved with a community of people from different ethnicities and backgrounds to help bridge the skills and opportunity gap.

As an Air Force veteran working in an industry that experiences layoffs based on contracts being won or lost, he experienced a long period of unemployment in 2019. During a meeting with CareerSource, they encouraged him to enroll in LifeWorks.

When asked how the training most impacted him, Eglin said the faith-based perspective because “it reframed how I needed to approach my job and career. Regardless of the balance of your gifting and what you’d love to do, it’s all still to the glory of God. We work to help both the companies we work for and for God’s purpose.”

He also increased his networking opportunities by tapping into LinkedIn with participants, coaches and instructors. The highlight of the class was the Mock Interviews; he received great feedback and “gems and nuggets” that he still remembers.

Eglin encouraged his son Travis to enroll in the Spring 2020 session so he could learn about potential careers through the assessment process and partnerships and be able to look at work from the “right perspective.” Travis graduated in June 2020.

Inspired by the volunteers he met and wanting to continue interacting with people from different backgrounds, Eglin became a JP Ambassador. He wants to share in the JP vision and be part of a community that values work and helping others connect to careers.

Business Church Community Volunteer