Meet Elliott Drake

We are excited to introduce you to our new JP team member, Elliott Drake, who is serving as Director of Partnerships. He comes to us with years of experience in relationship building and connecting to community organizations. Prior to Jobs Partnership, Elliott and his family lived in Colorado while he attended Denver Seminary and worked at Mission Training International. They returned to Central Florida where his wife Lindsay grew up, and Elliott worked as a Project Manager for Westbrook Service Corporation. He is excited about empowering people to live more fully as God has beautifully created them to be and has a desire for everyone involved with JP to receive God’s grace and to participate in God’s mission in our community.

Elliott and Lindsay have a daughter (11) and two sons (9 and 7) and will celebrate 15 years of marriage this summer. He is thankful for tremendously loving and supportive grandparents, aunts and uncles. Elliott enjoys nature and his hobbies include sports, architecture and exploring other lands and cultures.

We are blessed to have Elliott join us as we grow our network of Employer Partners, so if you are a business owner, hiring manager or part of a company that is seeking to provide job opportunities, we invite you to reach out to Elliott to learn more!

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