Nader Soliman Redirects His Career Through Training


Nader Soliman came to the United States three years ago along with his wife and two children. In his native country of Egypt, Nader worked as an engineer, but in the U.S., he struggled to find work that uses his natural aptitude for problem-solving and engineering.

While searching for work on OrlandoJobs.com, Nader discovered Jobs Partnership and the 12-week LifeWorks trainingĀ and at the direction of his mentors, Nader was directed to the Mechatronics Certification Program at Valencia College. In addition, Jobs Partnership connected him with CareerSource who awarded him with a scholarship to cover tuition costs.

The Spring LifeWorks session saw record enrollment in short term skills training classes at Valencia College. Students, like Nader, seized the opportunity to redirect their career into an industry that is in high demand.

For Nader and the many other LifeWorks participants, Jobs Partnership is a connector. It connects him to classes and opportunities specific to the demands of the Central Florida employment market while using the skills, natural abilities, and talent.

Nader told us that he is excited about his bright future! We agree!

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