Stepping onto the path

New for fall is the Pathways Project, made possible by JPMorgan Chase Foundation. Pathways is a career game-changer for participants who want to pursue technical-skills training.

JP partners such as Valencia College offer technical-skills certificate programs that prepare people for careers in high-demand industries within weeks or months, not years. CareerSource Central Florida, another JP partner, provides tuition vouchers to eligible participants. Neverthless, the immediate need for income can prevent people from pursuing certificate programs. The Pathways Project breaks through this real barrier by awarding a stipend to eligible participants while they are enrolled in a certificate program.

The Pathways stipend, offered for up to three months, can equip men and women to make a short-term education decision that leads to long-term professional growth.

“This award allows participants who were living paycheck to paycheck to not have to worry about missing some shifts in order to return to school,” Director of Operations Melissa Morris says. “They can now prioritize their career and have a new opportunity to provide for their families.”

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