The Job Search Tools You Need to Be On To Land a Better Job

The Job Search Tools You Need to Be On To Land a Better JobWhen you are on the hunt for a new job, the best way to find local openings are through the abundance of online tools, though the number of them can be overwhelming. As most companies looking for a new hire, they will post on various job search engines. Creating a profile on some of the top job search sites, such as LinkedIn and Monster, can help you find a job more quickly.

Commonly Overlooked Tools

Some of the most common search engines can be crowded with competition for open positions. Ensure you’re listed on those sites, as well as sites that are less commonly known to the public, but popular with recruiters and companies alike. Through your profile, you can receive updates and notifications about new jobs in your area or messages from potential employers.

A few of the top job search sites you should use include:

  1. LinkUp – When you use this site to look for listings, it shows you a wider range of positions than other search engines, since it uses algorithms similar to Google. This site is known for making sure there are no scam listings or double listings, so ease of use for those seeking employment is high.
  2. SimplyHired – This site, unlike other job search engines, pulls job listings from social media as well, which results in a higher volume of employment opportunities. SimplyHired also offers a high-tech, easy-to-use mobile app for job searching on the go!
  3. IndeedIndeed collects job listings from other websites like Monster and CareerBuilder, and you can search by state, city, or zip code to narrow your search down.

Receive the Training You Need

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