The Top 5 Interview Mistakes Potential Employees Make

The Top 5 Interview Mistakes Potential Employees MakeLanding a job interview can feel like a home run. Once you’ve done that, the hard part is behind you, right? In all the ways that matter, you have now reached the point in the process that is most critical. An interview is the single most important component in determining if you will find yourself employed.

Before your interview, consider these five mistakes to avoid to help ensure you present yourself in the best light to any potential employer.

  1. Being Unprepared – A proverbial nail in the coffin of seeking employment is going to an interview having done no work to prepare for it. Being prepared can be as simple as having a friend do a mock interview with you or researching the company/position you are interviewing for, and bringing questions about that position with you.
  2. Sharing Too Much Information – There is a fine line between sharing enough information and sharing too much information to the point that your interviewers become uncomfortable or bored. You want an employer to have a sense of who you are, but not know the details of why you missed work three days last year or what illnesses your cat has.
  3. Not Being an Active Participant – Being in an interview is your only chance to let your personality and attentiveness shine. Be proactive in the conversation. Ask questions, get contact information, or find out the next steps in the process.
  4. Failing to Follow-Up – It is entirely acceptable and appropriate to follow-up with a company you interviewed with. Call and ask questions like, “Is there anything else you need from me to finish up the interview process?” This lets employers know that the position is important to you.
  5. Showing up Late – This may seem like a simple factor, but it can certainly set the tone for a potential employer’s impression of you. It is the epitome of interviewing faux pas. Plan on getting to any meeting a minimum of ten minutes early and plan for any possible traffic incidences or construction areas along your route.

Enhance Your Interview Skills

At the end of the day, developing comprehensive interview skills and employer connections is critical to a successful hire, but the task can be daunting. The Jobs Partnership offers free skills training to not only cultivate your interview proficiency, but to improve your resume, enhance your knowledge of workplace expectations, and to connect you with a network of industry leaders throughout Central Florida.

Our program teaches you how to capitalize on the skills you have using the connections we provide. Apply today for the next LifeWorks training program, and start your journey to a better life. For additional information, call us today at 407-641-0755.

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