What’s coming?

You might ask, “What is a cohort”? Well, it’s a group of people taking the time to learn the same thing together. So,  why is it important? Our employment market is changing…rapidly! We must continue to innovate if we are to effectively serve the students of our future. It is no longer good enough to be a great person with a great work ethic.

Employers want people that can bring immediate value to their business and knowing this is important. What we also know is that there are certain sectors of the job market that are exploding with growth. This is where we find the great jobs with great pay and Jobs Partnership has a mission to connect these opportunities to our students.

We have been working with our partners at Orange Technical College, Valencia College and The Second Harvest Culinary School to create cohorts of students who will be prepared for high demand jobs. All these institutions have superb programs that offer short term accelerated skills training in areas of our economy with the greatest need.  Carolyn McMorran, Assistant Vice President for Professional Continuing Education at Valencia College recently said when she addressed our current graduates, “This is a perfect storm! We have a supply and demand problem, and that offers a terrific opportunity for those that are willing to equip themselves with valuable high demand skills.”

The decisions surrounding the cohorts we offer depend on many different factors, and one of these is transportation. The new downtown campus at Valencia is located within walking distance to the bus line, as is the downtown campus of Orange Technical College. Another factor is the length of the program, and the time commitment throughout the day. Our students need to be able to continue to work and provide for their families, so we are only offering opportunities that meet all these requirements.

Cohorts are an exciting way forward for Jobs Partnership students that are ready to take this on! In the Spring of 2020, we will have cohorts in the construction, manufacturing, distribution and culinary industries. Each of these opportunities will come with Job Placement through a collaboration with the educators and our employer partners.  Stay tuned for continuing updates on this new initiative and the student’s stories that become part of our Jobs Partnership family.

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