Community Outreach: Easy Ways Your Church Can Help

A local church can do much more for its community than just offer sanctuary and nourishment of the soul. Depending on the needs of the community, a church can provide simple acts of service that will greatly impact the lives of local residents and attract new members to the church. Here are a few easy ways your church can help through community outreach.

Offer Free Childcare
Your church can save marriages, children, and families in your community by volunteering to provide complimentary childcare once a month. By hosting a free parent’s night out on the first Friday of every month, your church can give parents a few hours to enjoy a much-needed date night after dropping their kids off at church. Not only will it give parents a chance to focus on their relationship with their partner, but it will also give the church the opportunity to share the gospel with kids who don’t regularly attend Sunday School.

Provide Food and Shelter
If there are families in distress or homeless people in the community, your church can sponsor a soup kitchen or food pantry to help feed the hungry. The church can also offer temporary shelter to battered and abused women, the homeless, or those in need of a warm bed and sponsor food, clothes, and toy drives to help keep them nourished and provided for.

Clean-Up the Neighborhood
Your church can also assist with re-beautification projects in the community. Church volunteers can help pick up trash along community roadsides, plant flowers or trees where needed, or even start a program to mow the yards of local elderly residents.

There are many community outreach efforts a church can adopt that can save lives and make a difference in its community. Similarly, The Jobs Partnership provides faith-based services to help people gain success in work and life through our LifeWorks training program. To learn more about LifeWorks, apply online or call The Jobs Partnership at 407-641-0755.

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