Apr 26, 2023

Hope for future generations

Husband. Father. Business owner. Pastor. These are some of LifeWorks graduate Allen Baldwin’s current roles, roles he never dreamed would be part of his life. Growing up with his father in prison and his mother struggling with addiction, Allen found little support at home and looked for his identity on the streets.

“I became addicted to selling drugs,” he says. “I wanted to be the biggest and baddest boy on the block, doing all the things the so-called gangsters do.”

God intervened, though, and led him to Love Fellowship Christian Church, pastored by Jobs Partnership chairman emeritus Sylvester Robinson. Bishop Robinson mentored Allen and introduced him to JP’s LifeWorks training course.

As he grew in his faith, Allen also grew through LifeWorks in his understanding of how to unlock a better job and a better life. He got a full-time job, earned raises and promotions, and ultimately opened his own flooring company. He also serves as pastor of It’s Not About Us Ministries in Deltona.

Allen and his wife Scherrille shared their story at JP’s Faith That Works fundraiser on March 15. JP president Marc Stanakis described Allen’s testimony as “a picture of God’s love, grace, redemption and hope for future generations.” Marc asked Allen what he hoped his legacy would be. Allen replied, “The legacy I leave is that God would be pleased that I supported and stood behind my family.”

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