How to Get a Job with No Prior Experience

It’s a simple catch 22 situation. You need a job but can’t get one because you don’t have any experience. Well, how are you supposed to get the experience if no one is willing to give you a job, right? While getting employed without prior training may be challenging, it’s certainly not impossible. You just have to work harder, and keep pushing to prove that you can not only complete the expected daily tasks but exceed them!

You might not have learned skills from a job that you clock in and out of, but chances are you have some past experience. Maybe you babysat for a couple of years or helped your mother set up work for her art shows. Whatever you’ve done that may be relevant to the job you’re applying for, be sure to include it on your resume and talk about it in your interview.

For other ways of finding a job without work experience, try these following suggestions:

Search for Internships and Apprenticeships

If you’re having a tough time finding an employer who is willing to hire you for a full-time position, then try applying for internships and apprenticeships. Both are a great way to earn a wage, gain knowledge of an organization, build a network of contacts, and possibly land a permanent position with the company.


While volunteering doesn’t come with a paycheck, it does teach you a plethora of valuable skills. Plus, you can meet lots of new contacts, some of which could help you succeed in landing a job. Also, volunteering shows that even though you are working for free, you still make a choice to commit yourself and work hard. Put all of that together with the soft-skills you learn such as commitment, time management, communication, teamwork, etc., and you’ll really have a lot more to offer an employer than you may have initially thought.

Expand Your Network

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” This is especially true for those starting out with no experience. Think about who’s currently in your life that could help you directly, or who could connect you with someone that can give you an opportunity. Make sure to sign up for career fairs and stay active on social media sites like LinkedIn. Another great way to get connected is by signing up for training programs that give you the skills and experience needed to become employed.

Emphasize Current Skills

When applying for jobs, you’ll need to include any work, volunteering, and internship/apprenticeship experience you have. Carefully look at the job description and add any personal qualities and skills you have that would fit the role, remembering to highlight any soft-skills as well. If it’s apparent that you lack direct experience in a particular field, an employer will notice. Don’t harp on it too much. Just explain your passion and motivation for learning something new, giving examples of the things you’ve done previously whenever possible.

Set Realistic Goals

While there’s nothing wrong with reaching for the stars, the chances of you getting a senior role or an overly ambitious position are very unlikely. Look for companies that are hiring entry-level or junior positions. Start from there and work your way up. It’s also important to be proactive by reaching out to employers instead of always waiting to hear from them. Taking the lead shows persistence and lets companies know you’re serious about the job search.

Don’t become discouraged when you don’t get the job you want. Many times, even the most qualified candidates have a hard time getting hired. You will meet that one person who sees and appreciates your qualities and will give you an opportunity.

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