The Benefits of Family Volunteer Programs

Family VolunteeringAs a parent, it is essential to start teaching your children at a young age the lessons of empathy and compassion for others. These traits will not only develop them into a more well-rounded person but will also make them a desirable candidate when they enter the workforce. To help foster beneficial social skills and create lasting memories as a family, we recommend enlisting in a family volunteer program. From cleaning up a beach to starting a clothing drive, here are some ways to get started spending quality time with your family while giving back to your community.

Decide Where to Volunteer
It’s important to have a family discussion to choose a cause to which you want to devote your time. After agreeing on where to give back, it’s equally important to research the different organizations that aid your cause of choice. For example, if your family wants to help feed the homeless, your local Salvation Army may sponsor a food pantry where you can volunteer to help serve dinners.

Decide When to Volunteer
Families lead busy lives. Between work, school, and sports, little time is left for community service. As a family, look at your schedules to determine when you can all devote time to volunteering. Also, contact your local volunteer centers to see when they need volunteers most. It’s okay if evening or weekend help is needed most, but only works for you a few times a month for your family. Just try and make time when you can.

 Ask About Age Requirements
Every generation — from grandparents to children to grandchildren — can offer to help in some capacity. However, some organizations have age restrictions for volunteers. If a member of your family is not old enough to serve at a food pantry, there may be other ways for them to contribute. A food drive is a great way to gather non-perishable food and canned goods to stock the shelves of local food pantries. Your child can build their volunteer muscles by asking their teacher or principal if they can organize a drive to collect donations at their school.

Volunteering is a rewarding activity that brings families together and teaches the true meaning of giving. If you want to learn more valuable skills that can help you in your personal and professional life, apply for the LifeWorks training program at The Jobs Partnership. As a part of LifeWorks, you will be connected to the people and resources that can help you gain the specific strengths and abilities needed to be successful in work and life. To get started, apply online or call The Jobs Partnership at 407-641-0755.

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