What’s More Important During the Hiring Process: Qualifications or Experience?

Experience or QualificationsWhether you’re entering into the world of work or are contemplating a career change, you may be wondering which is more important – experience or qualifications. Education teaches you many important transferable skills; and to get into a high-paying profession like law or medicine, you’re required to have a degree. On the other hand, working in the field directly, gives you the experience employers are looking for. So, how can you tell which option is better?

The reality is, one isn’t better than the other. Employers want to hire candidates that have both qualifications and experience. So, if you’re trying to decide which path you should take towards a new career, then consider getting into a program that not only allows you to learn academically, but that also gives you the opportunity to receive hands-on training.

Many people who want to obtain a degree to get into a better career simply don’t have the time or finances to be able to reach that goal. Fortunately, there are programs available like the LifeWorks training course offered by The Jobs Partnership. Parts of the program, such as career pathways, allows you to earn a specialized certificate and acquire the work experience needed to get into some of the most in-demand fields including nursing, mechanics, the hotel industry, and much more!

During the LifeWorks course, students are paired with a coach who becomes their mentor and advocate. They’ll have access to employer partner career fairs, community resource fairs, and they can search for open jobs using the online portal called Orlando Job Connection. After graduating, qualified students will be guided in figuring out what’s the most appropriate steps to take, such as starting a new career, specializing in vocational training, or continuing on the path to higher education.

Apply today and begin your journey to a better life, both personally and professionally. For more information, contact The Jobs Partnership by calling 407-641-0755 or by filling out the contact form on our website.

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