Elliott Drake serves as partnerships director for Jobs Partnership, equipping his team to develop healthy, sustainable partnerships with businesses, churches, community organizations and education providers. JP’s partners are essential to every phase of the LifeWorks training experience: referring prospective participants, hospitably hosting classes, mobilizing LifeWorks coaches, serving as Instructors, hiring graduates for promising careers, and enrolling graduates in career and technical education programs. Elliott finds fulfillment serving our partners, especially helping them discover how they can pursue their unique mission by partnering with JP to pursue ours.

Elliott has been a leader in for-profit and non-profit organizations for more than two decades and serves as an ordained minister in his local church. He earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Virginia and a master of divinity degree from Denver Seminary.

Elliott loves spending time with his family, especially hiking with his wife, laughing with his daughter, playing sports with his sons, and exploring different cultures together.

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