Sep 2, 2016

WSJ: Employers Find ‘Soft Skills’ Like Critical Thinking in Short Supply

The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article recently that discussed the increasingly large gap between Employers’ hiring needs and … Continue reading “WSJ: Employers Find ‘Soft Skills’ Like Critical Thinking in Short Supply”

Aug 8, 2016

Church Partnerships: What the Church Was Made For

From the very beginning, The Jobs Partnership has been in partnership with the Church. It all began in Raleigh, North … Continue reading “Church Partnerships: What the Church Was Made For”

Jul 11, 2016

Student Story – Sonya Coleman

Sonya Coleman was a single mother in an abusive relationship who worked a minimum wage job. Through a contact at … Continue reading “Student Story – Sonya Coleman”

Jun 14, 2016

Student Stories: Faith That Works

Follow 4 powerful stories of men who felt there was no hope for them in the workforce, but found hope … Continue reading “Student Stories: Faith That Works”

May 16, 2016

Volunteer Story – Deborah Catalano

Deborah Catalano is a volunteer Coach with The Jobs Partnership. She met Student Quwanda High in the LifeWorks training course, … Continue reading “Volunteer Story – Deborah Catalano”

Apr 18, 2016

Student Story – William Hunter

After being incarcerated for a period of time, William was released back into society, only to realize his life had … Continue reading “Student Story – William Hunter”

Mar 14, 2016

Student Story – Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall grew up without direction. He was originally apprehensive about attending the LifeWorks class, but as he kept attending … Continue reading “Student Story – Chris Marshall”

Jan 11, 2016

Career Fair

Get a look at this key part of the LifeWorks process. Held during the 11th week of the course, The … Continue reading “Career Fair”

Dec 14, 2015

Employer & Community Partner Story

Our partnerships benefit everyone involved, and they’re also what make The Jobs Partnership so powerful in changing the lives of … Continue reading “Employer & Community Partner Story”

Nov 16, 2015

Student Story – Sharon Parker

Feeling damaged from sexual abuse during her childhood, Sharon felt like she didn’t have a place to belong or people … Continue reading “Student Story – Sharon Parker”

Oct 12, 2015

Student Story – Chantel Jean Baptiste

Chantel felt overwhelmed. Between her son with poor health and work, Chantel was never able to attend school to get … Continue reading “Student Story – Chantel Jean Baptiste”

Sep 14, 2015

Student Story – Tanisha Jones

Through the people, knowledge and skills she discovered in the LifeWorks course, Tanisha Jones found more than just a job–she … Continue reading “Student Story – Tanisha Jones”